» Tuesday Convention Notes: Equestria LA on Hiatus, BronyCAN and BUCK This Weekend!

Today we’ve got some convention announcements and updates for you all to peruse.

Unfortunately, Equestria LA will not have a 2014 event. Due to commitments and exhaustion on account of the staff, they have decided to forego hosting in 2014. However, it will give them time to refocus for a possible 2015 convention. Any badges promised or compensated will be carried over for the next event. The team is planning on hosting a livestream Q&A about future events, if such a thing does come about we will be sure to make note of it.

Meanwhile, this weekend there’s not one, but TWO cons going on! In beautiful British Columbia, BronyCAN is ready to burst on to the scene. The first Canadian convention, BronyCAN is full of guests and fun, and their schedule of events and vendor listing are now up. Unfortunately, Andrew Francis (Voice of Shining Armor) and Silva Hound have had to back out as guests of the convention. Saturday hotel rooms have sold out. There’s even more tidbits beyond the cut.

Meanwhile, across the continent and pond, the second BUCK In Manchester, England will go on! But if you can’t make it due to distance or other reasons, you can still experience the con. Both Everfree Network and BronyState will stream the convention for your viewing pleasure.

For the complete releases, check behind the cut.

Equestria LA

To all of our supporters,

Equestria LA would like to sincerely thank everyone who has supported us for the past year and a half. Back when we first planned this in March of 2012, we had no idea we would grow as much as we have, and without you, none of it would have been possible. It has truly been a joy working with this community. That is why with a heavy heart we must announce that Equestria LA with not be having convention for 2014, and will be on hiatus until 2015.

After much discussion, we came to this decision based on many factors. Equestria LA was built from the ground up in 7 months, and hosted not just one, but two very successful conventions in the following 6 months. For a lot of us behind the scenes, this was 13 months of almost non-stop work. As you can imagine, all of us are very exhausted. There is good news, though. During the hiatus in 2014, we will be refocusing the goals and mission of EQLA to provide you, the community and con-goers, with the best possible convention experience we can deliver; something we know we cannot do if we were to host an event in 2014.

Additionally, we will honor any and all free or compensated badges promised in 2013 for our next event.

Again, all of us at Equestria LA would like to thank this wonderful community for all of its support.

See you in ’15!


The Equestria LA team.


We regret to announce that both Andrew Francis and Silva Hound are no longer attending BronyCAN, due to professional obligations beyond our control and personal issues respectively. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have on our attendees.

Online pre-registration is now CLOSED. All passes will be available at the door for attendees who missed our pre-registration period. You MUST present personal identification and then sign our Acceptable Use Policy to be granted entry into the convention. All details about passes and at-the-door entry are available here: http://www.bronycan.ca/registration.html

Need to know our hotel parking rates? Maybe you need information or directions on how to get to our venue? Or perhaps you’re looking for restaurants, cafes, or shopping centers near our venue in Richmond? We’ve got you covered on all of these queries! Feel free to visit our Hotel or Travel Info pages for more details:

Our full events schedule is now available! On our Events page you will find our complete events listing as well as the following:

– Convention hours!
– Venue map!
– Information on special guest autographs! (Talent autographs are $20 each and CAD cash only)
– Cosplay Contest details!
– A color-coded, printable events schedule in grid layout!

Click on any event on our Events page to view its description and to see more details on each event! http://www.bronycan.ca/events.html

Our Vendor Hall Guidelines and Information document has now been made available! Feel free to view our Artist’s Alley Rules here: http://www.bronycan.ca/res/files/BCAN-Vendor-Hall-Info-Pack.pdf

We have also made available our complete listing of vendors who will be present at BronyCAN! View our full list of vendors here: http://www.bronycan.ca/vendors.html

BronyCAN’s Code of Conduct is now available! Please see our FAQ page and be sure to read our Code of Conduct before entering our venue:


Force Start has renegotiated the cost of the Chrome Metallic Derpy vinyl figure down to $45 apiece. The pre-order form (linked below) has been updated to reflect this change.

Everyone who previously paid more than $45 for the Chrome Metallic Derpy will receive a refund of the difference via PayPal within the next 72 hours.


Mad Greek Restaurant in Richmond will be offering the following special dinner menu exclusively for BronyCAN attendees! Let your server know when you order that you are from BronyCAN to get the special menu. Located just across the street from our venue!

Choice of:

Chicken souvlaki w/ tzatziki
Beef souvlaki w/ tzatziki
Lamb souvlaki w/ tzatziki
Kalamari dinner w/ tzatziki
Vegetarian plate w/ tzatziki

The above are served with greek salad, rice pilaf, roast potato, and your choice of coffee, tea, or soda pop.

$18.00 per person plus applicable taxes.

More info:


We would like to remind everyone that those interested in registering for BronyCAN may now do so at the door. More details here: http://www.bronycan.ca/registration.html

As well, anyone looking to purchase a hotel room for the event is encouraged to use our special promo code “BRONYCAN” to get an awesome discount exclusive to our attendees! (Free gift basket full of pony merch, Wi-Fi, airport shuttle, and parking included in price!) ROOMS FOR SATURDAY, AUGUST 24TH ARE NOW SOLD OUT: http://bronycan.ca/hotel

If you book a room at our hotel, the Executive Airport Plaza, you will be entered into our Hotel Booking Draw: http://www.bronycan.ca/contest.html You could win an invite to our VIP dinner with our guests and staff, your hotel room, your two-day weekend pass, and a $100 gift certificate to spend on meals!

Finally, we’ve got many more great announcements on the way, so make sure to keep tabs on our message board: http://mlpforums.com/forum/111-bronycan/follow us on Tumblr: http://ask-bronycan.tumblr.comfollow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/BronyCANlike us on Facebook:www.facebook.com/BronyCAN, and keep an eye on our website for the most up-to-date BronyCAN news!

BronyCAN is being held Saturday and Sunday, August 24th and 25th, 2013, at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre, Richmond, BC.


We’re proud to launch BUCK Live– our streamlined website dedicated to keeping everyone in the loop, both at and outside the convention. You can find not only helpful information on getting to BUCK, but also a schedule of events, detailing what’s happening in each room at any given time.

With mere days left until BUCK 2013 kicks off with The Summer Sun Celebration, it’s never too late to get your ticket and be a part of the action.

But if you simply can’t make it to Manchester, don’t fret- we’ll have a live stream of all our Mane Events coming out of The Bridgewater Hall you can watch from the comfort of your own home!

Everfree Network’s Nash and Crescendo will also be in attendance. They will be participating in our Radio Broadcaster’s Q&A panel, giving you a chance to ask questions about their work in the fandom as part of EFN.

Our streams will also be available via both Everfree Network and BronyState, so tune into the syndication websites and chat with others as you watch BUCK 2013 unfold!

Running a Brony website and want to syndicate our stream? Contact us at [email protected] for information on joining the party! 

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