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At this point between seasons, the Poniless Summer™ starts to really take its toll on the combined mental stability of our forums at large. Though tedious, these periods of discussion (spurred by our unsated demand for new ponies) have also led to some of our most creative and memorable moments, including “Draw your own Super Saiyan duck” and “[Cheese] Bronies Love Cheese”. This summer is no exception, and it all started when forums user PictishBeast asked the simple question “What if ponies has iPhones? I know, right?”

Thanks to fake text generators like the one at this link, you can create your own hilarious pony conversations. Like this one!


You can pretty well guess what the response was.

Rarimi copied this conversation from personal experience:


Highbrow Dash is secretly a changeling!


Rainbow’s new story is, like, 90% finished already, according to PictishBeast:


Our local Sweetie Belle specialist Tears chimes in with his own contribution:


Rarimi keeps a box of spare moustaches handy, just in case.


PictishBeast’s cutie mark told him to make this image


Wonkadoo and Daring Do are actually best friends IRL. Their names rhyme.


PictishBeast knows how much hard work and rehearsal it takes to pull off those musical scenes:


PonyHag714 knows who the best pet is


If anyone knows about haute couture, it’s Rarimi:


In Durandal’s mind, this scene from “Hurricane Fluttershy” went totally different:


We’ll let PictishBeast finish this article off on a   note:


Do you have an idea you’d like to contribute yourself? Does the idea of cheese and Blingees excite you? The forum thread is still open here, so join in and show us what you’ve got! 

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