About The Round Stable

The Round Stable formed from a group of friends. They loved television, and they loved writing and talking about it. All of them had a common interest — My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. These friends loved the show and decided to combine their talents to create a new kind of pony news site.

What sets The Round Stable apart?

Our goal is not to be a content aggregator, or a collector of links. There are already several sites collecting almost everything there is to do with MLP: FiM. What sets The Round Stable apart is our focus on original community-created content, news, and opinion. Featuring well written in-depth articles about the show and goings-on in the community, we aim to give you something of substance to enjoy.

We hold ourselves to a high standard — making sure that our news content is vetted and sourced and that our opinion and editorial pieces are written well. We do not rush out to post information as soon as it lands in our inbox unless it comes from a rock-solid source. Our articles are reviewed by editors several times before publishing, with an eye to eliminate stylistic and factual mistakes.

Importantly, The Round Stable is not a rumor or tabloid site. We’re not in the business of reposting hearsay and rumors about the show, the community, or individuals.

What we WON’T do:

  • We won’t use your photos or drawings without your permission.
  • We won’t republish your articles under our name.
  • We won’t post content that isn’t safe for work or school.

Our Linking Policy

Occasionally there will be content created by others that we want to share with our readers. We believe that it is best to get users to see that content at its source. When we want to send publicity your way, we use our Asides feature to give a quick blurb and a link to your content. We want you to get the hits you deserve for creating original content. We may embed content as long as it is guaranteed to return you hits, such as Youtube videos which give hits for embedding. Even then, we will always include the source link to your original.

Our Spoiler Policy

Spoilers are news, but we will be sensitive and make sure that all spoilers are hidden behind a generous warning and a cut tag. You will not see a spoiler unless you want to.

Fan Works

We do not post fan works directly on the front page without review. Because there are already several very good websites aimed at collecting fanworks, including our own bronibooru for fan art, we don’t want to unnecessarily duplicate their efforts. However, we are interested in analysis, discussion and highlighting high quality fan works. We do this through interviews, fancontent spotlights and roundups, and reviews.

We believe that fancontent is an important part of the community, and we want to strike a balance between it and official news. If you want to be a fancontent specialist, or are a content producer who is interested in an interview or spotlight, send us a line at [email protected].

Full Disclosure Policy

The Round Stable will always fully disclose where we acquire products for review and discussion. e.g. if a DVD or toy is reviewed, we will always tell you if it was given to us, or if we purchased it by ourselves.

The Round Stable does not run any paid advertisements on its home page, nor are we sponsored by any commercial organization. Any event that has connections to a commercial or non-profit (e.g. charity) organization will be clearly marked in the article.

Convention Policy

We do not report convention news. However, we do cover conventions as a matter of interest to the fandom with long-form content and interviews.