» BronyCon Q&A: M.A. Larson

As part of BronyCon 2013, press members were granted access to a “press conference” style Q&A session with various VIPs. The Round Stable was in attendance. For the first in this series, we present MA Larson!

Sitting in front of a group that could be deemed the fandom press, M.A. Larson is asked about BronyCon, and how it feels to be the center of attention at a convention like this. His answer reflects his attitude:

“It doesn’t make any sense.”


» BUCK Announces Easter Egg Hunt Contest


Planning or hoping on going to BUCK this August? Enjoy Easter and/or scavenger hunts? Some combination thereof?

Then you’ll certainly want to check out their Easter Egg Hunt competition:

It’s time for an egg hunt everyone! We’ve got a free Summer Sun Celebration ticket up for grabs for the winner of the hunt!

There are seven eggs to find, each with it’s own colour and letter.
You’ll be able find them on all of BUCK’s social and media outlets over the Easter weekend- so I hope you’ve been paying close attention to us!
First person to tweet the super secret word the eggs spell out to @BUCKcon on twitter wins the Summer Sun Celebration ticket!

Keep your eyes peeled for hints from us as well!

Happy hunting!

Interested hunters would do well to keep an eye on the official BUCK site and official Twitter

» Friendship Is Magic Season 3 now on Netflix

Just about one month after the finale aired, season 3 has been added to Netflix for subscribers in the USA. Friendship is Magic has shown good numbers on NetFlix, ranking in their top 10 ‘most watched’ series, ranking as the most popular children’s show and only second to Futurama in animated shows. The inclusion of season 3 means the entire series to this point is available for viewing. 

» Evo 2013 Includes ‘Fighting is Magic’ as Potential Tournament Game

Update: ManeSix responds to EVO Donation Drive selection.

Update 2: EVO 2013 changes ‘Fighting is Magic’ in Tournament Charity Donation Drive

The Evolution Championship Series, the yearly fighting game tournament, have announced their lineup for 2013. While seven games have already been decided, the eighth game will come be decided via charity donation drive.

Fighting is Magic is among the options listed – and, of this writing, is winning. Get the full info after the break.


» Writer Appreciation Day 3: Cindy Morrow

This is the next installment of our Writer Appreciation Day series. Started with Amy Keating Rogers and Merriwether Williams, today’s installment continues with Cindy Morrow.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is, first and foremost, a comedy, and most of the audience is primarily there to get some good laughs from the adventures of our equine heroines. But anyone who has become a big fan of the program – certainly anyone who would be reading an analysis like this – knows the cast and crew aren’t content to stop there. Put simply, Friendship is Magic attempts to have real heart alongside its comedy: a sincere interest in how this magical world functions, empathy for its characters, and a sustained effort to involve the audience in this process.

Cindy Morrow is a skilled comedic writer, and has done plenty of memorable sequences in that vein. But when you look at her contributions to the program, it’s hard not to peg her biggest talent as being able to get at the very heart of the show. Read on to find out more.


» Writer Appreciation Day: Amy Keating Rogers

Debuting today is the first part of a new series examining the writers of Friendship is Magic and their roles in shaping the series called Writer Appreciation Day. BartonFink takes the lead!

In the earliest days of Friendship is Magic, the very fundamentals of the show still needed to be translated from concept to screen. The pilots having been complete, Faust had also written an incomplete 11-minute script, entitled The Ticket Master. As the first non-pilot, ‘real’ episode of the series, there was likely a desire to set up the basics of every character, introduce a handful of key concepts in life in Ponyville, all the while setting a standard for the show’s brand comedy and staying true to the show bible which had been so crucial in the show’s formation.

This was a job for Amy Keating Rogers.


» IDW Publishing/Hasbro Team Up for My Little Pony Comic Book Series

Andy Price Art

Ink Studies by Andy Price

Fresh info from a comic panel at San Diego Comic Con, it has been announced that IDW Publishing has gotten the rights to a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic comic series.

Via Comics Alliance:

If you’re a member of the overlapping Venn Diagram of comic book readers and My Little Pony fans, then your prayers to Princess Celestia have been answered: During this morning’s panel at Comic-Con International, IDW and Hasbro announced a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic comic series by Katie Cook and Andy Price, set to launch this November.

For those wondering about the choice of artists, you can get a taste for them via their respective deviantArt pages: Andy Price and Katie Cook. Price, no stranger to comic art, released a panel page a few months back that was rather prescient. Now that the cat is out of the bag, it is in retrospect a pretty clear signal that he was working on something big.

Few details besides the expected date of November were announced, but the comic aims to keep the same spirit as the show, so fans of all ages should be able to enjoy the books. 

[Source: Comics Alliance]

» View from the Ground: BronyCon 2012

This article intends to take a step-by-step overview of BronyCon 2012 from the eyes of a reporter on the floor. It’s a review of all of the major events from start to finish. For more of a retrospective overview, be sure to read Emotions Running High by The Round Stable’s Headless Horse, and for the view of a vendor, check out KefkaFloyd’s The Artist’s Perspective.

I’m at the world-famous Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City, and I am lost as Hell. My bus ride there ended up being nearly 2 hours late, turning my time of arrival from 11 PM to 1 AM. While waiting for the 320 bus to Secaucus, NJ, a gentleman informs me that after 1 AM, they move that bus to a basement gate. I get down there to find the gate he mentioned was incorrect, and because this was a recent change in how they handle bus schedules, I can’t seem to get a straight answer on where I need to be. I start to lose my grasp on sanity, question whether I have the ability to reach this hotel, and reconsider the general thought process that had led a twenty-five year old dude to a My Little Pony convention in the first place. Was this some cosmic form of karma?

However, when all hope seemed lost, out of the corner of my eye I see an unlikely savior: a gentleman with Rainbow Dash on the center of his shirt, with the word “BRONY” written out above.

Suddenly, I know everything is going to be okay.