» Interview with Rai, Creator of My Little Chubbies

The artist side of the Pony fandom is one of the most explosive and productive fan art communities on the web. By crossing borders of nations, race, and gender, it has a wide cross-section of fans who bring countless styles, experiences, and ideas into every work of art.  Today, we feature an interview with Rai, moderator of the popular My Little Chubbies ask tumblr (also known as pekou on DeviantArt and Bronibooru). In it, Rai talks about how she became an artist, what motivates her, and even has a few words to say about the recent Twitch Plays Pokemon movement!

Want to find out what makes Rai tick? Read on!


» Con Roundup: Bronies for Good, Galacon

As we creep ever closer to Galacon and Bronycon next weekend, the updates keep flowing fast and furious not only from Galacon (who have been busy finishing up plans for their Gala Evening), but also from Bronies for Good, who will be hosting a number of charity events at both conventions.

Galacon’s Gala Evening

Galacon has revealed more details about their Gala Evening event, which consists of two hours of classic formal dance in the Gala Ball, featuring contributions from AcousticBrony, followed by two hours of a dance party featuring the stylings of Thorinair and HMage of A State of Brony leading the way!

Seeds of Kindness 3

Meanwhile, Bronies for Good seeks to remind everyone of the many, many events they have planned for next weekend including:

  • Album Preorders for Seeds of Kindness 3: A Beautiful Heart, which will help to support a number of efforts in Uganda and Burundi for orphans and street children.
  • Letter Drive for Your Siblings, a drive to send letters to those children who benefitted from the drive to support Your Siblings during Seeds of Kindness 1.
  • Nurse Redheart’s Roundup Pledge Drive, a pledge drive for those who want to contribute as part of the Nurse Redheart’s Roundup blood drive which starts in September.
  • Charity Auction for CureSearch (BronyCon only), a charity organization fighting children’s cancer. 80% of all proceeds at the BronyCon charity auction will go to CureSearch.
  • Food Drive for Maryland Food Bank (BronyCon only)
  • FOB 5K Casey Cares Run (BronyCon only), in which FOB Equestria will be fielding a team for this charity run which seeks to help children with cancer. Any non-military brony may join in for an entry fee of only $35!

Details for both GalaCon and the Bronies for Good events lie below the cut.


» Merch Madness, My Little Pony Fair Edition: Funrise Plushes, My Little Pony Collector’s Guide

While many bronies were busy attending EverFree Northwest, other pony fans were busy at the My Little Pony Fair 2013 in Indianapolis. Those watching from home got a first taste of the upcoming Funrise plushes due out later this year, thanks to Miss Apples, who posted a number of photos from Funrise’s booth at the fair.

The designs are similar to previous releases, including manes made of fabric strips and foam wings, and include Princesses Celestia, Cadance, and Twilight (but alas, not Luna), as well as fan favorites DJ-PON3, Octavia Melody, Trixie and Cheerilee. Plushes of the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Spike were also shown.

NOTE: All photos originally posted on the missapplessoda tumblr.

Elsewhere at My Little Pony Fair, Priced Nostalgia Press, publishers of the My Little Pony Collector’s Inventory series by Summer Hayes, coordinator of the Fair itself, announced the immediate release of the latest addition to the series, The My Little Pony 2009-2012 Collector’s Inventory, which covers all toy releases made so far in the Friendship is Magic line through 2012. The book is available on Amazon.com today!

The Nostalgia Press press release lies below the cut!


» BronyCAN Celebrates Canada Day!

Continuing a streak of announcements from cons around the globe, BronyCAN has a number of announcements to commemorate Canada Day, including:

Full details lie behind the cut!


» Michelle Creber to Attend BUCK


The folks with the United Kingdom’s leading brony convention, BUCK, have announced that Michelle Creber, voice of Apple Bloom and singing voice of both Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, will be attending BUCK as a guest. Furthermore, she will be performing at the Saturday night Lunar Eclipse music concert, as well as collaborating with Acoustic Brony and The Living Tombstone at the Summer Sun Celebration, held Friday night.

As always, the press release is behind the cut.


» Bronycon Is Having a Fire… Sale!


Those of you who still haven’t made up your minds about going to BronyCon have one last chance to jump on a discounted price with BronyCon’s fire sale! Today and tomorrow only, BronyCon is offering a sale price of $65 for a three-day badge for the con, which will be held August 2-4 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Keep in mind that BronyCon’s pre-registration ends July 15th, so if you’re still hemming in hawing, now is an excellent time to get a move on!

As always, the press release is behind the cut


» Con Roundup: EFNW, Fiesta Equestria, BUCK

A number of upcoming conventions have been busy beavers of late, putting out a plethora of announcements and events in the past few days, and we here at the Round Stable have got all the news you could hope for on that front.

Everfree Northwest is partnering with the Gaming Colts and Bluescreen Bronies to present the Crystal Games Challenge, a game jam, running this weekend. If you’re a game developer and think you’ve got what it takes, check it out! Entries will be showcased at Everfree NW between July 5 and July 7, and winners will be announced on Bluescreen Bronies on July 8.

Fiesta Equestria has announced that Enterplay will be debuting a limited edition promotional foil card of Derpy Hooves at the Jabber Cards booth, so make sure you stop by and pick one up! (Limit one per attendee)

Meanwhile, BUCK has posted the first of an ongoing series of Hot Minute videos to show you what your favorite brony musicians are up to and to let them tell you a little bit about themselves. The first Hot Minute features Acoustic Brony, and more are surely to come in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

BUCK is also soliciting for advertisers in its conbook, with ads running £50 for A6 and £85 for a full A5 page. Interested parties should contact BUCK’s publicity manager.

The full press releases are behind the cut.


» Sweet Apple Acres Con Changes Venue


Despite the groundswell of support for Sweet Apple Acres Con following their recent plea for assistance, SAAC now reports that they will unfortunately have to change venues to the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt near Vanderbilt University, as they were unable to secure enough hotel occupants to satisfy and hold event space at the Millennium Maxwell House as anticipated.

For those who still need to book reservations, Sweet Apple Acres Con has negotiated a special rate of $179 per night at the Marriott located next door to the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt.

As always, details below the cut.


» UPDATED: European Pony Convention Union Announces Summer Sun Celebration

eurobronies_BAPweek copy

UPDATE: The European Pony Convention Union have updated the rules pertaining to this event, which no longer requires purchasing a pony to enter. The British Brony convention, BUCK, has also contributed a 20% Cooler Ticket as a prize for those reluctant to head over to the continent for GalaCon, BronyDays or Crystal Fair. Both the original and updated press releases are below.

Are you a European Brony? If so, GalaCon, BronyDays, and Crystal Fair, three European Brony conventions have recently announced a special surprise event in conjunction with the European Pony Convention Union, starting June 17th to commemorate the summer solstice, entitled the Summer Sun Celebration!

Interested Bronies who participate in the event stand the chance to win a special sponsor-level ticket to one of the three events and need only post a photo with a official My Little Pony toy they purchase (with receipt) their current My Little Pony collection between June 17th and June 23rd on the www.EuroBronies.org galleries by June 30th to win!

As always, details are below the cut…


Boston Comic-Con Postponed

As just announced on their Facebook page, Boston Comic-Con has been postponed indefinitely due to the extenuating circumstances caused by the city-wide lockdown related to the manhunt for Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Comic-Con has announced that they plan to honor all pre-purchased tickets on their new date, and will issue refunds to those who are unable to make it.

Due to the sudden announcement of this postponement, there is no word as yet as to whether or not Andy Price will attend the rescheduled con or whether or not the exclusive Ponies comic issue will still be offered. We at The Round Stable will provide more updates as we learn more.