» In My Time of Pony

We’re almost three weeks removed from “Magical Mystery Cure,” and we’re still talking about it. Sure, the discussion’s not as impassioned as the initial weekend, but it continues. That’s great. We have many months, maybe even a year (!) to speculate about Season 4. So let’s talk about this episode a bit more. It’s funny, all the hype surrounding the episode became suffocating to the point that some wished that the episode would just air already so people would just shut up. If only they knew.

Many reflected on their time with the show, from the first day Twilight landed in Ponyville to her graduation from her studies. It’s been quite an adventure for fans. Here’s just one of those journeys. Apologies if this gets a bit indulgent.


» The Power of Horse Compels You

In case you weren’t aware, My Little Pony is a show about ponies. Shocking, I know. You are watching a show that features an alternate universe where ponies rule, the predominant species of the land. Ponies of all colors in sizes, living in a land of horse puns, doing pony things, with pretty pony princesses. Pony should pony pony.

Some say that we watch the show in spite of the equine nature, but I don’t believe so. In fact, we’d be far less interested in the show if it wasn’t about horses. Read beyond the cut to find out.


» It’s a Kind of Magic

Ah, magic. Pretty important part of the show, don’t you think? You could even venture to say that it’s one of the most important parts of the show, next to friendship. Which is also magic. You get the point. And another point I want to make for longtime readers: yes, I have read Headless Horse’s piece on magic. It’s a very good read and you should definitely check it out here if you haven’t. This article’s content may overlap with his, but I will try my best to minimize said overlap.

One of the greatest advantages to making animation is the possibility of adding fantastical elements to your show. You could have imaginary creatures come to life, design lands too beautiful to comprehend, and destroy any laws of physics that limit our boring, grey reality. You can stretch the fabric of time until its threads show, or make space so small that neighboring planets are a hop, skip, and a jump away. It’s in this fantasy world that magic is often employed, able to explain some of the bizarre phenomena that take place. It’s an extremely powerful and convenient tool for writers, as it often is for their characters. But it’s a double-edged sword.

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