» Entertainment Weekly Preview of Under the Sparkling Sea and upcoming Collector Guides

Sparkling Sea Cover

Entertainment Weekly has put up a preview of some of the upcoming My Little Pony books coming out in the near future.  There is an illustration from the picture book Under the Sparkling Sea (due April 23rd), and the cover and some info on the contents of the collector’s guide called The Elements of Harmony (due in June) that will include a detailed map of Equestria in addition to character bios, song lyrics and episode guide. Also shown is the Mini Pony Collector’s Guide (due in October) of the Mini Figurines found from the Blind Bag sets and other collections, coming with a Bonus Exclusive Figurine ‘TeaLove’. There is also an image of the new Princess Twilight Sparkle punch-out standee card, similar to the standee cards from the Enterplay Trading Cards, available with the recently released Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell book. 

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]

» Mane6 responds to “Z Engine” Drive

Mystery Character and Robo-Fortune celebrate for Mane6 and Skullgirls.

It’s been a long two months for fan development team Mane6. After receiving a Cease & Desist from Hasbro, there has been a whirlwind of changes to the MLP: Fighting is Magic fan game. Lauren Faust jumping in on the project with new character designs, and recently the fundraiser to obtain the “Z Engine” used by the equally troubled Skullgirls fighting game.

The overwhelming fan response left the team speechless for a while, but they have now issued a statement about their new team structure and some future concerns. Detailed inside they talk about concerns about funding a GGPO license, and new programmers and QA members on the team.

Here’s a link to the release.

There’s a long road ahead for this group as they move  beyond the My Little Pony brand, but we have the best wishes that their project continues to strive for quality. 

[Source: mane6.com]

» Fighting is Magic Developers respond to Cease & Desist questions

Fighting is Magic Title

The dev team behind the popular fan-made fighting game, MLP: Fighting is Magic, posted that they had received a C&D from Hasbro Legal almost two weeks ago. The team have since been working backstage to sort out their current legal mess and future plans, all the while being bombarded by tons of questions and suggestions from their fans. While there doesn’t seem to be much progress on the legal front to speak of, the team made a post to respond to the fans about their current feelings and answer some questions that have been asked.

Here is a quick summary from that post:

  • Yes, development on MLP:Fighting is Magic has stopped for now, per Hasbro’s request.
  • Yes, we have tried contacting people about the possibility of squirming out from under the C&D, or triumphantly throwing it off as it smashes into a thousand pieces, we ARE still waiting on a couple of replies, but we are not getting our hopes up.
  • This post will go over a bunch of questions and opinions we’ve seen floating around since the announcement.
  • We aren’t done yet regardless of how this turns out, so please stay tuned :)

In their FAQ, they address concerns such as if the C&D was fake, whether the project should have been more open or closed, their position with the EVO Charity Auction, some of the fake revival projects and fake leaks going around, and they clarify a little about their future plans.

If we are certain our project can’t continue as originally intended, we’re pleased to say we do have a couple of options for where we can go next…To answer the question that’s probably on a lot of your minds: Yes, it will have to be a new, original setting.

There is still more work ahead of the development team, Mane6, so stayed tuned on their blog for more details as the situation unfolds. 

» EVO 2013 changes ‘Fighting is Magic’ in Tournament Donation Drive; MLP heartily leads competition


Following the trails of last week’s announcements, The Evolution Championship series has updated the status of the ever popular fan game MLP: Fighting is Magic that was in the running. Shoryuken has posted the Donation Drive standings and MLP is in first place with $3,519.50, which is over double the second place contender Super Smash Brothers Melee which sits at $1,404.32. Fantastic donations, Bronies! However, there has been an alteration to the status of the popular fan game in this competition.

Due to the game’s unique position at the moment of being unreleased and no currently announced release date, the runners of EVO 2013 talked with the developers of the game and came to a compromise. The game will continue to be in the donation drive, but it will not be up for the 8th Main Tournament spot, and will show up at EVO Indie Game Showcase with a twist. If MLP: Fighting is Magic wins the donation drive, EVO will choose the second place winner for the 8th Main Tournament slot and MLP will receive a Special Exhibition Tournament which will have it’s Top 8 matches on stream.

Click below for the release.

» Bronies for Good Update: Engineers Without Borders Funded, Thank You From Uganda

Thank You Letter from Uganda

Bronies for Good have updated the news on their Engineers Without Borders project that it has now been fully funded thanks to the donation drive. Additionally, the project for funding the orphanage building for the children of Uganda has put up a project gallery to view the results. Bronies for Good announces their new plans for the Engineers Without Borders and the Your Siblings projects, along with a new Brony Charity Album that will support the Your Siblings programs.

Check out the full release after the cut.


» Mane6 Dev Team Responds to EVO Support

Fighting is Magic Title The Fighting is Magic Title Screen

Update: EVO 2013 changes ‘Fighting is Magic’ in Tournament Charity Donation Drive

As you may have read before, the premier Fighting Game Tournament Evolution Championship Series 2013 has listed the popular fan game MLP: Fighting is Magic as one of the contenders in a Charity-based donation poll to determine the last slot for their Tournament games to be featured. The Development team behind the fan game, ManeSix, have just recently issued a statement about their involvement in the Donation Drive. While the team seem to be on board with the possibility of the game attending the conference, there is particular concern raised over the motivations in donating in this competition. The Team states that they want their game to make it to EVO not based on the popularity of MLP and the fandom, and rather it made it on it’s own merits as a competitive Fighting Game with good gameplay.

Now. We’re not trying to “invade” anything. We’re not trying to force our little project down the Fighting games community’s throat, and while we’re happy when we hear of people that gave MLP a try because of our game, it is not really our main objective. We appreciate the exposure that EVO is offering us with this chance. And we appreciate people backing us up on this one, because we chose to believe that means we’re doing a good job with the game. Or at least an acceptable one.

And as such, we’d like to know that we’re being backed up for the -right- reasons.

It is the opinion of The Round Stable that any fan of My Little Pony follow the well wishes laid out by ManeSix. All of us can feel excited when the things we like are validated, and seeing the underdog My Little Pony brand reach up to take the world by storm can make some of us giddy as well. But it should be noted that this is a different situation than normal. The Evolution Championship Series doesn’t set out to prove which Fighting Games are the best; it seeks to showcase the biggest scenes in the Fighting Game Community and in a sense reflect those desires to see the game played. This is why some games will get more spotlight than others, and why the games selected mean a lot to their respected communties. The games that get main tournaments shouldn’t be there for advertising, they should be there because the community wants them there and enjoys their gameplay as fighting game.

We leave you with this: when you vote on any game you want to win the Donation Drive, vote because you believe that game has solid mechanics and great gameplay for everyone to enjoy. Don’t vote to advance any agendas.

Here is a link to the Shoryuken Donation Drive. For more information about EVO 2013, check out their site. Follow the MLP: Fighting is Magic website for any updates on their game. 

[Source: ManeSix Press Release]

GameSpot Takes An In-Depth Look at Fighting Is Magic

Fighting is Magic Title

Maxwell McGee from Video Game news site GameSpot have posted an in-depth article about the popular fan game MLP: Fighting is Magic. The article provides a lot of insight into the early development process for the game, and includes some new screenshots and information about the as-of-yet rarely seen Fluttershy. Be sure to check out the website for Fighting is Magic as well!

[Source: Gamespot]

» Interview: Fighting is Magic at Canterlot Gardens 2012

Greetings My Little Pony and fighting game fans alike! Today we are happy to present an additional video interview from Canterlot Gardens. Fenster is joined by three of the core Mane6 developers — Lucas Ellinghaus (Leedin), Jay Wright, and Nappy — to chat about their upcoming game, Fighting is Magic.

Interview: Fighting is Magic Developers

For a full text transcript, please check behind the cut.


» Fighting is Magic: Canterlot Gardens Build Overview

My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic is one of the most anticipated fan works in the pony fandom. It’s notable enough to get attention from Lauren Faust and Jayson Thiessen. Fighting is Magic is an arcade style fighter set in the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, using characters and set pieces from the show. As of now it has been under development for more than a year, and the devteam, Mane6, has been remarkably consistent with showing numerous builds and progress updates. At the recent MLP:FiM fan convention, Canterlot Gardens, the team showed off their newest build with a panel, a public demo, and a tournament.

I was present during the convention, and I’ve got a hands-on impression of that build. Read beyond the cut to find out more.