» PMV MIA? Not anymore: A Look at PMVToday

Over the past year and a half that I’ve been participating in the MLP:FIM community I have observed the many different ways that fans have been able to express their appreciation of the show through various forms of creativity. Ranging from the mountain of artwork we’ve had so far to woodcarved figures showing characters mimicing actions from the show, it’s astounding from a simple variety standpoint to see what people are making with MLP listed as the inspiration. Over time, some of the bigger genres of fan work have garnered their own sub communities and internet sites to showcase work from that specific genre, and often these sites have message boards where people can discuss them in length. Multiple booru site have popped up becoming the main domains of artwork, FIMFiction.net has become a hub for MLP fan fiction, and MyLittleRemix is the destination for experienced and aspiring musicians of the fandom. But there is another side of the fandom that up until recently, did not receive its own type of sub community spotlight. Of course I am referring to PMVs, short for Pony Music Videos, and the website in question PMVToday, is the guilty party in deciding that this genre is important enough to get its own online home. Read more about it behind the cut.


» Eight Minute Preview of The Crystal Empire Released

Today various cable and satellite providers released an 8 minute preview of the season 3 opener, The Crystal Empire Part 1 on their On Demand services.  There are obviously spoilers, so if you’re dead set on avoiding them, steer clear.  Otherwise go view the video after the break.

Update 1: Replaced video with a higher quality source, see below.


» Chilling in Chicago: The Midwestria 2012 Con Report

Walking into Pheasant Run resort in St. Charles Illinois on a Friday morning in mid September, one would not expect anything too out of the ordinary. The site is host to a full 18 hole golf course, a beautiful hotel and a conference center. This weekend in particular, there were plans on hosting two wedding celebrations and a business retreat for a group of General Motors executives. Fairly normal when it comes to the types of events here. But there was one other event going on that weekend that none of the others would have expected: a My Little Pony convention, named Midwestria. Look beyond the cut to read about my experience there.

» Interviews: Charlotte Fullerton, Justin Chappelle at Midwestria

Today we have the last two interviews of guests from Midwestria.  Next up is Charlotte Fullerton who sat down to discuss her career path as a writer and what she’s done for pony. Fullerton is best known for writing episodes like “Sisterhooves Social,” “Suited for Success,” and “May The Best Pet Win.”

In addition, we have a bonus interview with the Midwestria con chair, Justin Chappelle.

Interview: Charlotte Fullerton
Interview: Justin Chappelle

For full text transcripts, check behind the cut.

» Interview: Amy Keating Rogers at Midwestria

This is the second of four interviews of guests from Midwestria that we’ll be posting in the next few days.  Next up is Amy Keating Rogers who spent some time talking with us about how she made her mark on My Little Pony and how it compares to her other writing experiences. Rogers is best known for writing episodes like “A Friend in Deed,” “The Last Roundup,” and “The Best Night Ever.”

If you prefer reading, a full text transcript of the interview is behind the break.


» Interview: M. A. Larson at Midwestria

This is the first of four interviews of guests from Midwestria that we’ll be posting in the next few days.  First up is M.A. Larson who spent some time talking with us about his first impressions for writing for the show, and various other behind the scenes tidbits. Larson is best known for writing episodes like “Swarm of the Century,” “The Return of Harmony,” and “Luna Eclipsed.”

For the full text transcript, check behind the cut.