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Pineapple has been a pony fan since she was yay high, which is not very high at all. She collects ponies and will fight you if you call her G1 ponies fat or ugly. She goes by the same nick on both MLP Trading Post and MLP Arena, so feel free to say hi.

My Little Pony Parlor teaser site goes live?

Astute readers may remember my piece on the Kidada for MLP accessory line on display at the My Little Pony Project’s 2012 New York City engagement.

The suggested spring release didn’t come to pass, but the splash page at mylittleponyparlor.com now promises a “Summer ’13” opening and suggests they’ll be carrying the accessories and themed hair extensions previously shown. Hopefully that means soon because the summer of 13 is almost over!

Coming Summer '13! My Little Pony Parlor

Support a good person, watch art be made!

Perrydotto, Danielpon, and Mr. Big are taking requests on livestream from 2-8 PM EST today to support horsie forums :3 user Paperback Writer getting the therapy and medical care she needs. Join them at The Octagonal Pasture.

Paperback is working to overcome anxiety and become self sufficient, donations help pay for therapy, medical bills, and possibly moving related expenses.

» The Lights Are Much Brighter at Big Apple Ponycon

The weekend of March 23-24th I attended Big Apple Ponycon, one of the first pony conventions to premiere since the Las Pegasus Unicon fiasco in February. There were a lot of expectations and questions in the air, with some people even claiming the con would crash and burn after Tara Strong pulled out of appearing to focus on her family. I’m happy to say it was a ball and went off with barely a hiccup. Pop back behind the cut with me and experience the con vicariously.


» Of Aliens and Interchanges: A Chat with Katie Cook and Andy Price

So this past weekend I attended Big Apple Ponycon in Brooklyn where writer Katie Cook, artist Andy Price, and cover artist Stephanie Buscema gave a panel on the My Little Pony comic series from IDW Publishing. The panel answered at least half the questions (the serious half) scribbled illegibly in my notepad, so after the panel when I nabbed Katie and Andy for a quick interview I was left with the silly half. Please join me behind the cut for a moment of levity with Katie Cook and Andy Price.


» Toy Fair 2013 Report: Piney and Kefka’s Adventure in Toy Fair

We’re back from our adventure at Toy Fair 2013 at the Javits Center in New York City!  On Sunday, KefkaFloyd and I walked around the show floor to find out everything we could about new Pony toys and merch! The big blizzard that hit the northeast a few days prior (SNOWBRACABRA!) did not deter us from attending the show, though the drive for Kefka on Sunday morning was a bit treacherous through parts of Connecticut. The bad news is that we did not obtain entrance to Hasbro’s showroom. The good news is that there is some pretty neat stuff in the realm of licensees that we got to see. Read more behind the cut for some new, never before seen stuff!


» Build-A-Bear Ponies Unveiled!

Someone ferreted out some thumbnails of two Build-A-Bear ponies from BAB’s site and sent them to EQD. They are most definitely ponies and appear to have brushable hair although the images are too small to tell what kind. I think they look very huggable and reasonably accurate. Now let’s hope Rarity is gonna join Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. 

[Source: Equestria Daily]

» Sunday Merch Madness #012 – Finale Spoilers Edition

Merch Madness Header

No seriously, if you’ve somehow managed to avoid the season 3 finale spoilers that have coated the internet you don’t want to click here this week.

And a note so you don’t have to jump into this spoil-tastic post to find out: Kefka and I will be at Toyfair International in NYC next Sunday, February 10! He’ll be taking the pretty pictures and I’ll be weaseling all the info I can out of the Hasbro reps. :)


» My Little Pony Fair Tickets going fast!


Tickets for this year’s My Little Pony Fair in Indianapolis, Indiana went on sale yesterday (Friday the 25th) and the upper tier packages including this year’s Fair Pony are already sold out! Tickets to the Celebration Dinner event are likewise sold out!

General admission passes are still available at the registration site, but it’s best not to wait if you’re planning to be there in July.