» Much Ado About Foreshadowing

Much of what delights fans of My Little Pony are the strides taken by the animators and writers to craft a well written story. Even during the lulls of the series, clever plot devices are employed to keep the show afloat. One device in particular that seems to be utilized the most by MLP is foreshadowing. Below I will outline moments of foreshadowing that stood out for either positive or negative reasons.


» Games Ponies Play: Ingredients For a Successful Fan Game

Today’s featured content comes from first-time contributor, Poetess!

The brony fandom over the past few years has produced an amazing stable of pony artists and filmmakers. Recently these art forms have made way for even more interactive media such as video games. We have seen previews of great 2D and 3D graphical work in upcoming titles like Super Smash Ponies, Legends of Equestria, and Ponykart. However, this begs the question, is the attention to attractive aesthetics enough to make a good My Little Pony game?

Admittedly the question above is not a new or groundbreaking one. The old graphics versus gameplay and/or story debate has been around since the dawn of gaming. What makes the debate different in the case of the My Little Pony fandom is the fact that there is a larger emphasis on the lore of the universe more than anything else.  It is because of the show’s intricate storyline that certain factors come into play.  In the following sections I will outline what are the four essential elements required to create a successful My Little Pony fan game.