» Interview with Rai, Creator of My Little Chubbies

The artist side of the Pony fandom is one of the most explosive and productive fan art communities on the web. By crossing borders of nations, race, and gender, it has a wide cross-section of fans who bring countless styles, experiences, and ideas into every work of art.  Today, we feature an interview with Rai, moderator of the popular My Little Chubbies ask tumblr (also known as pekou on DeviantArt and Bronibooru). In it, Rai talks about how she became an artist, what motivates her, and even has a few words to say about the recent Twitch Plays Pokemon movement!

Want to find out what makes Rai tick? Read on!


» Replicating A Pony: 3D Printing with Michael Perrone

Imagine if you will that you could have any pony toy created whenever you want… of whatever you want! Be it an OC or a background pony that just doesn’t have a toy, there are fans trying to make 3D printing of ponies a reality. I interviewed Michael Perrone, owner of a 3D printing service called Futuralization, on 3D printing in the My Little Pony community and the possibilities of 3D printing as a whole. Read on after the cut!


» BronyCon Q&A: M.A. Larson

As part of BronyCon 2013, press members were granted access to a “press conference” style Q&A session with various VIPs. The Round Stable was in attendance. For the first in this series, we present MA Larson!

Sitting in front of a group that could be deemed the fandom press, M.A. Larson is asked about BronyCon, and how it feels to be the center of attention at a convention like this. His answer reflects his attitude:

“It doesn’t make any sense.”


» Canterlot Under Siege: An Interview with futzi01

I interviewed futzi01, creator of several fan favorite fangames including Canterlot Siege, Cadance Toss, and most recently Twilight Wing. futzi01 has been entertaining the fandom with fun, quick flash games based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and he sat down with us to discuss his methods, ideas behind game design, and more. Read the interview behind the cut!


» An Interview with Music by Octavia

Music By Octavia, an active member of our forums and composer of our theme song, is well known for his rearrangements of pony music. But there’s a lot to being a professional musician, and creating music is no easy feat. Octavia sat down with me to talk about ponies, his career in music, and more. Read on to see!


» Interview: Heather Nuhfer, MLP FiM Mainline Comics Writer

You might have heard a lot from Katie Cook and Andy Price, the creative team behind the first arc of the IDW Publishing mainline MLP comics series. But they’re not the only ones writing long form pony comic stories. While Katie and Andy regroup for issues 9-12, Issues 5-8 are being handled by a second creative team. For this arc, we’re graced with Amy Mebberson and Heather Nuhfer on art and writing, respectively. Heather has kindly agreed to talk to us, and we’ve got a shiny interview just for you!

Read more to find out Heather’s opinions on comics, ponies, and more!


» Interview: Ted Anderson, Writer of MLP Micro Series #5: Pinkie Pie

Ted Anderson is the writer of the upcoming Micro Series #5 comic by IDW Publishing, which features everyone’s favorite pink party pony, Pinkie Pie! He and artist Ben Bates are joining forces to portray the princess of parties in her very own spotlight issue, which is due in June of this year. Ted sat down with us (metaphorically speaking) to discuss ponies, writing, comics, and just when to send in the clowns.


» Of Aliens and Interchanges: A Chat with Katie Cook and Andy Price

So this past weekend I attended Big Apple Ponycon in Brooklyn where writer Katie Cook, artist Andy Price, and cover artist Stephanie Buscema gave a panel on the My Little Pony comic series from IDW Publishing. The panel answered at least half the questions (the serious half) scribbled illegibly in my notepad, so after the panel when I nabbed Katie and Andy for a quick interview I was left with the silly half. Please join me behind the cut for a moment of levity with Katie Cook and Andy Price.


» Interview: Andrew Benigno of PON3 Con

You’ve heard of BronyCon and Everfree Northwest. But there’s a growing convention scene in the United States with small events popping up in cities across the country. These events are bigger than normal meetups, but not quite on the scale of a spectacle like BronyCon. Today we sat down with Andrew Benigno to talk about these smaller events. Andrew is the head of PR for PON3 Con, a second-year pony fan convention in Omaha, Nebraska. Although PON3 Con isn’t in the bright lights of New York or LA, it finds itself a part of a growing scene of smaller, localized cons.

To read our interview with Mr. Benigno, check behind the cut.