» Interview with Rai, Creator of My Little Chubbies

The artist side of the Pony fandom is one of the most explosive and productive fan art communities on the web. By crossing borders of nations, race, and gender, it has a wide cross-section of fans who bring countless styles, experiences, and ideas into every work of art.  Today, we feature an interview with Rai, moderator of the popular My Little Chubbies ask tumblr (also known as pekou on DeviantArt and Bronibooru). In it, Rai talks about how she became an artist, what motivates her, and even has a few words to say about the recent Twitch Plays Pokemon movement!

Want to find out what makes Rai tick? Read on!


» Hay R U There? Pony Text Messages

At this point between seasons, the Poniless Summer™ starts to really take its toll on the combined mental stability of our forums at large. Though tedious, these periods of discussion (spurred by our unsated demand for new ponies) have also led to some of our most creative and memorable moments, including “Draw your own Super Saiyan duck” and “[Cheese] Bronies Love Cheese”. This summer is no exception, and it all started when forums user PictishBeast asked the simple question “What if ponies has iPhones? I know, right?”

Thanks to fake text generators like the one at this link, you can create your own hilarious pony conversations. Like this one!


You can pretty well guess what the response was.


» Canterlot Under Siege: An Interview with futzi01

I interviewed futzi01, creator of several fan favorite fangames including Canterlot Siege, Cadance Toss, and most recently Twilight Wing. futzi01 has been entertaining the fandom with fun, quick flash games based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and he sat down with us to discuss his methods, ideas behind game design, and more. Read the interview behind the cut!


» An Interview with Music by Octavia

Music By Octavia, an active member of our forums and composer of our theme song, is well known for his rearrangements of pony music. But there’s a lot to being a professional musician, and creating music is no easy feat. Octavia sat down with me to talk about ponies, his career in music, and more. Read on to see!


» Equestria LA: The Power of Parody Propels You! Panel

Back at Equestria LA 2013, JHaller and I hosted a panel called the Power of Parody Propels You. In the panel, we talked about how to make parodies and what makes great parodies work. Haller and I liked to believe that this was a live-action Round Stable article, so it would only be logical to have it featured up here on the front page. Many thanks go to Brony Clubhouse for recording and posting the panel. The panel is about an hour long, so allow appropriate time to be able to enjoy it. 

» Double Rainboom Released on Youtube

For those who have been keeping track of fan animation projects, Double Rainboom is the first full episode length fan animation based on the characters from the show. After a year’s worth of development, it has finally been released, with over 5,000 fans watching its premiere on Everfree Network.

Last year we intereviewed the director, Zachary Rich, about the project. You can find the youtube version of the video embedded here. 

» Photoshop Fun Day: What Did Pinkie Pie See?

It’s that time again—time for another rousing edition of Photoshop Fun Day! In issue #4 of the IDW My Little Pony Comics, a particular sequence of panels stood out as a bit shocking. Pinkie Pie opens a door which contains a monster that stares back into her soul. Forums user Fizzbuzz took the panel and created a transparent knockout version, ready for anyone to composite in their GIF or still of choice. Here’s the original for you to see.

Our forums, naturally full of creative people, took the challenge by the horns and responded by turning the looking glass back upon itself. We’ve scoured the thread for some of the funniest entries in the thread to share with you. What was the mystery behind the door? Look behind the cut to find out.


» Double Rainboom All The Way Across The Sky: A Preview

In the wake of Fighting Is Magic receiving a cease and desist from Hasbro Inc, Zachary Rich, A.K.A. FlamingoRich, came to a small anime convention in Atlanta, Georgia to show the first half of his entirely fan-made My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode, Double Rainboom. I was lucky enough to be there to see the panel, and so I’d like to share my thoughts about the work that we were presented.


» Thanks, M.A. Larson! Fans Photoshop Reactions To Season Finale

You might have seen it come up on KnowYourMeme or other sites, and you’ve asked yourself, “Why are pony fans thanking M.A. Larson?” Larson, one of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic scriptwriters, is the subject of numerous new animated GIFs, but why do they all seem so…sarcastic? Read on for the answer, and to learn what Larson thinks of it all.  [WARNING: SEASON FINALE SPOILERS AFTER THE CUT!]


» PMV MIA? Not anymore: A Look at PMVToday

Over the past year and a half that I’ve been participating in the MLP:FIM community I have observed the many different ways that fans have been able to express their appreciation of the show through various forms of creativity. Ranging from the mountain of artwork we’ve had so far to woodcarved figures showing characters mimicing actions from the show, it’s astounding from a simple variety standpoint to see what people are making with MLP listed as the inspiration. Over time, some of the bigger genres of fan work have garnered their own sub communities and internet sites to showcase work from that specific genre, and often these sites have message boards where people can discuss them in length. Multiple booru site have popped up becoming the main domains of artwork, FIMFiction.net has become a hub for MLP fan fiction, and MyLittleRemix is the destination for experienced and aspiring musicians of the fandom. But there is another side of the fandom that up until recently, did not receive its own type of sub community spotlight. Of course I am referring to PMVs, short for Pony Music Videos, and the website in question PMVToday, is the guilty party in deciding that this genre is important enough to get its own online home. Read more about it behind the cut.