[A:TC] Back to School

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[A:TC] Back to School

Post by Void Chicken (?) » Sat Oct 12, 2019 12:20 pm

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:prettywings: Good evening, my faithful staff. On this auspicious occasion, I have an important announcement to make.

:twismug: Of course, Chancellor Trixie—wait, Celestia's in charge again? This can't be right. Have we done this before?

:prettywings: My school of magic has unlocked many of the mysteries of the universe, and has aided ponykind in uncountable ways.

:shock: We have done this before. Did the Department of Planar Studies mess with the timeline again?

:delight: However, I've decided to retire. My flight leaves in ten minutes. Bye!

:-/ Let's do this again, why not.

Welcome, horsefriends! We are once again playing Argent: The Consortium to wreak all kinds of magical havoc on our local university. For those not familiar with the game, you play as a department head sending your hapless students through the school, placing them to do work so to speak. Instead of amassing points, a bunch of voters will decide the next chancellor.

The Rules: https://www.level99games.com/s/Argent-R ... b-79ga.pdf
FAQ and Errata: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/131420 ... pofaq-list
(The rules describe the A side powers of the mages. Some mages in this game might use their B side powers instead.)

I need three to five players, please. When you sign up, please have a look through the second post. I need you each to decide which department you want to be (Sorcery, Mysticism, etc.), and whether you want your starting spell to be the A or B side. (Note that the neutral department, i.e. the student council, will have a more complicated game than the others.)

In addition, I would like things a little mixed up. Look at the list of mages and find the one matching your chosen department. Decide if you want the A or B side of that mage's powers for the game, which will apply to every player using that mage. Any mages that go undecided will be random.

Finally, the base game is designed to end just about as all the cool stuff comes online. But if you would like, we can play one extra round for maximum mayhem. Just say you want the Epic Variant and I'll make it happen.

Like the game? Buy it!

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Re: [A:TC] Back to School

Post by Void Chicken (?) » Sat Oct 12, 2019 12:20 pm

Starting Spells
Sorcery - A wrote:Flash of Light - 1 Mana - Fast Action: Banish a Mage.
Sorcery - B wrote:Burnout - Free - Action: Send one of your own Mages from your Office to the Infirmary (gain no bonus), then gain 3 Mana.
Mysticism - A wrote:Trance - Free - Action: Gain 2 Mana.
Mysticism - B wrote:Dark Pact - 1 Mana - Action: Banish one of your own Mages and wound another Mage.
Natural Magick - A wrote:Strength of Earth - 1 Mana - Action: Move an opponent's Mage to another open slot in the same room, then replace it with one of your own.
Natural Magick - B wrote:Gust of Wind - 1 Mana - Action: Move any Mage (yours or opponent's) to an open slot in an adjacent room (but not into the Infirmary or the Great Hall).
Planar Studies - A wrote:Paralocation - 1 Mana - Action: Shadow an opponent's Mage with one of your Mages.
Planar Studies - B wrote:Shadow Bolt - 1 Mana - Fast Action: An opponent's Mage is now shadowing its slot.
Divinity - A wrote:Bless - 1 Mana - Fast Action: Move a Mage from the Infirmary to an open slot of your choice.
Divinity - B wrote:Holy Smite - 1 Mana - Action: Wound a Mage and gain 1 IP.
Neutral - A wrote:Living Image - 1 Mana - Action: Place a neutral Mage from the supply into an empty slot, claiming it as your own. Return it to the supply after the round.
Neutral - B wrote:Tardy - 1 Mana - Reaction After the last Bell Tower Offering is taken by another player, take one more 'Place a Mage' action, without using Mage Powers.
In addition to the spell, the Neutral player will have an extra Merit Badge.

Sorcery - A wrote:Place: Spend 1 Mana when placing this Mage to Wound an opponent's Mage and take its place.
Sorcery - B wrote:Place: Gain 1 Mana for each other Mage in the room you place into (maximum of 3).
Mysticism - A wrote:Place: Every time you cast a Spell as a regular Action (after all Reactions) place one Mystic as a free action.
Mysticism - B wrote:In-Place: While in a University slot other than the Infirmary, your Spells cost 1 less Mana (to a minimum of one).
Natural - A wrote:In-Place: Immune to Wounding.
Natural - B wrote:Place: When placing, if possible you may move an opponent's Mage to another slot in the same room and take its place.
Planar - A wrote:Place: Placement is a Fast Action.
Planar - B wrote:Place: Pay 1 Mana when placing to shadow an opponent's Mage instead.
Divinity - A wrote:In-Place: Immune to all effects of opponents' Spells.
Divinity - B wrote:Resolution: You can pay 4 Gold to activate a Merit Slot this Mage occupies, instead of using a Merit Badge.
Neutral wrote:No special power.

Adventuring - A
1 (Merit): Gain a Secret Supporter and 3 Gold
2: Draw a Vault Card OR Gain 2 IP OR Gain 1 INT
3: Draw a Spell Card OR Gain 2 IP OR Gain 1 WIS

Astronomy Tower - A
This room has 6 spaces in a loop. After moving the marker at least 1 space, claim the reward on it. The spaces are:
1 WIS + 2 Mana, 2 Research, 8 Gold, 1 INT + 1 Research, 4 Mana, 2 Marks

1 (Merit): Move 1 space for free, then pay 1 Gold per space
2: Pay 2 Gold per space moved
3: Pay 4 Gold per space moved

Catacombs - A
1 (Merit): Draw a Secret Supporter, then gain a Mark
2: Gain 2 IP
3: Gain 1 IP for each player with more IP than you

Chapel - A
1 (Merit): Gain 1 INT, gain 1 WIS, and gain a Mark
2: Gain 2 IP and gain a Mark
3: Gain 2 Gold OR gain 2 Mana; gain a Mark

Council Chamber - A - Central
No more than 1 Mage per player in this room.
1 (Merit)/2/3/4/5: Draft a Supporter OR gain a Mark

Courtyard - A
1 (Merit): Gain Mana equal to your WIS + 2
2: Gain Mana equal to your WIS
3: Gain 3 Mana

Guilds - A
1 (Merit): Gain 8 Gold OR gain 4 Mana
2: Gain 6 Gold OR gain 3 Mana
3: Gain 4 Gold OR gain 2 Mana

Infirmary - A - Central
Wounded Mages move to this room. Gain a reward when one of your Mages moves here. You cannot place here directly.
Immediately gain 2 Gold OR gain 1 Mana OR gain 1 IP

Library - A - Central
1 (Merit): Gain 1 WIS AND draft a Vault Card
2 (Merit): Gain 1 INT AND gain 1 Research
3: Gain a Buy AND gain 1 Research
4: Gain 1 INT OR gain 1 WIS OR gain 1 Research

Student Stores - A
1 (Merit): Gain 3 Buys
2: Gain 2 Buys
3: Gain a Buy
As a Buy, you may buy 1 INT, 1 WIS, or 1 Research for 4 Gold.

Training Fields - A
1 (Merit): Gain 1 INT AND gain 1 WIS
2: Gain 1 INT
3: Gain 1 WIS

Vault - A
When this room resolves, reveal the top 3 cards of the Vault Deck.
1 (Merit)/2/3: Select and gain one of the revealed cards

Bell Towers
Initiative: You will be First Player during the next round.
Popularity: Gain 1 IP.
Resourcefulness: Gain 2 Gold or gain 1 Mana.
Strength: Heal a Mage in the Infirmary. (4-5 players)
Power: Your Spells cost 1 less Mana for the rest of the round. (5 players)

Possible Voters
Most Influence (Always)
Most Supporters (Always)

2nd-Most Influence
2nd-Most Supporters
Most Consumables
Most Diversity (i.e. different Supporter types plus different Spell types)
Most Divinity (i.e. levels of Research in Divinity Spells plus Divinity Supporters)
Most Gold
Most Intelligence
Most Mana
Most Marks
Most Mysticism
Most Natural Magick
Most Planar Studies
Most Research (i.e. total combined spell levels)
Most Sorcery
Most Treasures
Most Wisdom

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Re: [A:TC] Back to School

Post by Bremen (?) » Sat Oct 12, 2019 12:45 pm

I'm in!

I like the sound of the Epic Game. But for now I think I'll wait and take whatever school doesn't get claimed - I played last game, so I'm letting others have first dibs.

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Re: [A:TC] Back to School

Post by ToastGhost (?) » Sat Oct 12, 2019 10:58 pm

I'm in. Epic, Planar A Spell (Paralocation) and B Mages and Twilight Sparkle please. :excite:

"This is where the magic happens." :twiright:

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Re: [A:TC] Back to School

Post by sharkmafia (?) » Tue Oct 15, 2019 6:56 pm

I will play. Epic, Sorcery A (Flash of Light) and A mages. I will be playing as the legendary Pinball Wizard.

W.T. Fits
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Re: [A:TC] Back to School

Post by W.T. Fits (?) » Tue Oct 15, 2019 7:16 pm

Yo, sign me up. Epic, Natural Magick, Spell A (Strength of Earth), A Mages. I will be playing as Cu Chulainn (Caster).


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