The Round Stable Staff

The Round Stable is staffed by a group of clandestine internet electrons determined to bring you the most important news, opinions, and editorials about a children’s TV show.

ComradeCosmobotEditor in Chief

ComradeCosmobot had no free time before he started The Round Stable and yet, for some inscrutable reason, decided to push ahead anyway. Cosmo is largely in charge of technical improvements to the site and has played a significant role in shaping the vision and principles behind The Round Stable, ranging from putting together the HTML version of the site design to helping to draft up editorial guidelines. Cosmo also hosts the site, so it is a good idea to play nice. You really don’t want a Soviet space robot to get mad.

KefkaFloyd — Editor in Chief

A mild mannered designer and software gremlin by day, KefkaFloyd spends his off time writing down his opinions about a great many things. You can usually find him taking pictures of airplanes or drawing things when he’s not busy moderating forums or writing curiously long posts. KefkaFloyd acts as a content director, making sure news and opinion is posted on time.

Redeye Flight — Editor in Chief

Redeye Flight just wanted to share an awesome cartoon with his friends. One year of comedy cuts later, he’s running a pony website and still trying to stop his head from spinning. Despite his newness at what he does, Redeye brings to the table a good judge of character, a diplomatic tone, and a nearly bottomless well of forgiveness, earning him the affectionate title of “Forum Dad”. He does not sleep.

BartonFink — Managing Editor

BartonFink stumbled into onto My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic by pure luck in May 2011, and since then has only dug deeper. An animation fan from birth, having worked on the staff of several animation sites in the past, he instantly became a fan of the show’s animation style; as an avid movie buff, he was surprised by the strength of its characterizations and the quality of its writing. Since then, he has scoured the Internet in search of any interesting tidbits regarding the show, be it past, present, or future, while delving into the history and growth of its unique fandom. Always pondering the tough questions of the world of ponies, BartonFink serves as an editor while occasionally presenting his own half-baked theories and observations.

drunkillManaging Editor

A fan of well written TV shows, drunkill took an instant shining to those pastel coloured bouncing ponies right off the bat. While getting to know people and hanging around as the foundations of the Ponygoons community were being laid, he’s helped moderate the community since then and now looks after submitted news and janitorial editing for The Round Stable.

fensterManaging Editor

From humble origins, fenster discovered My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic around late Januaury 2011 and has been whirl-winded into places, positions, and peoples he’d thought unimaginable from the year before ever since. Wanting to give back to the fandom and the community, fenster is working as an editor for the site and as an author for the Remix Culture section to express his thoughts about the things that have inspired him so greatly over the course of a year.

Nissl — Managing Editor

Nissl is fascinated with the spread of ideas and social movements, and the ever-expanding impact of the internet on global culture. An exceedingly meticulous character, he enjoys reading about the business side of phenomena and analyzing the components of their production down to the tiniest detail. He has loved both fantasy and animated comedy since the late eighties, when he was exposed to the Thundercats and the earliest episodes of The Simpsons. Swept up in the phenomenon that is My Little Pony, his primary focus is reporting about and discussing the people, ideas, and small details that all add up to make this wonderful show.

Chronos30Editor at Large

Bio coming soon!

Dr. DinosaurEditor At Large

DrDinosaur has been an active member of the Remix Culture for over 9 years. During this time he has produced several Anime Music Videos that were enjoyed by many. So when DrDino was introduced to MLP he figured that PMVs were the best way for him contribute to the ever growing and extremely impressive collection of MLP fan content. After two well received PMVs he decided to co-ordinate the popular “PONIES: The Anthology”.

With his many years involved in the AMV community he has a unique perspective on the growth of PMVs and MLP remixes. Always smiling, DrDinosaur loves to make other people laugh and he firmly believes most people would say he’s a pretty swell guy.

Headless Horse — Editor At Large

Having spent the bulk of his adult life observing and participating in a variety of fandom cultures, Headless Horse brings with him over fifteen years of experience in reading far too deeply into the intricacies of fictional universes. An author by profession and a blogger by hobby, he’s written prolifically on subjects ranging from the technical to the sociological, and is now putting it all on the shelf in favor of a much more compelling topic: My Little Pony. He has conducted interviews with figures from the show’s creative staff including Jayson Thiessen and Amy Keating Rogers, and seeks to understand what it is about a show ostensibly for little girls that is so persistently and broadly irresistible.

Isaak — Editor At Large

Isaak plays, experiments and has, over time, developed a habit of rolling from one big and exciting thing to another, not always fully aware of why he’s doing it or the impact of his actions, but always in the name of fun. When he stumbled across the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic phenomenon it proved to be an irresistible mixture of the ever changing nature and influence of the internet, a flourishing remix culture and a direct contrast to preconceived notions of societal rules.

Intrigued to no end he chose to become a part of it and experience everything this offbeat happening had to offer. Dusting off his old Youtube channel, Shiropoint, he started creating music videos which would become some of the most well known works in the fandom and leave an impact he had never expected. Coupling this firsthand experience to his background as a multimedia designer, Isaak offers his thoughts on the show’s sizable remix culture as he continues to play a part in it.

When not writing about the most fascinating phenomenon today Isaak designs Alternate Reality Games, indulges in photography, collects music and drinks lots of tea.

JHaller — Editor At Large

Bio coming soon!

Mr. Big — Editor At Large

Bio coming soon!

PictishBeast — Editor At Large

Bio coming soon!