» TRS Round Table 046: Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

We’re here today to learn about Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 which aired on April 5th. Chillin’ at the Round Table to school you about the wonders of the Wonderbolts are Mr. Big, Opposing Farce, acksed, drunkill and KefkaFloyd.

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» TRS Round Table 039: Filli Vanilli Review

Put on your matching cardigans and get ready to read this weeks Round Table! While we’re slightly delayed due to server upgrades, it is finally time to discuss “Filli Vanilli” which aired February 15th and saw Fluttershy manage to become the temporary lead singer of The Ponytones.

Joining the discussion are BartonFink, Wayoshi, ShieldedDiamond, PictishBeast, The Doctor, ComradeCosmobot and drunkill.



» TRS Round Table 037: Pinkie Pride Review

It’s time to get all Weird and talk about “Pinkie Pride.” Airing on the 1st of Feburary, 2014, we have another edition of the TRS Round Table to pick apart this polka infused episode. Joining the Round Table are ComradeCosmobot, The Doctor, Wayoshi, ShieldedDiamond, Dexanth, ROBOT B9, Davyinatoga and KefkaFloyd! Read on for the Gouda stuff.


» BronyCon Announces Amy Keating Rogers

Bronycon Amy Keating Rogers

BronyCon is welcoming back Amy Keating Rogers to their ranks of honored guests. Amy, who attended June BronyCon last year (thanks to efforts spearheaded by our forum, in fact), is heading out to the August convention, ready for fun and to talk about her role in ponies and other shows.

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» Amy Keating Rogers and Sabrina Alberghetti Heading to Everfree NW



Good news for those in the Pacific Northwest: Sabrina “Sibsy” Alberghetti and Amy Keating Rogers will be heading to Seattle for Everfree Northwest. These two join the list of honored guests which includes Tabitha St. Germain, Peter New, Andrew Francis, and  Michelle Creber.

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» Equestria LA Announces Amy Keating Rogers

EQLA banner 2013

Amy Keating Rogers, the scriptwriter of many episodes such as Applebuck Season, Fall Weather Friends, The Best Night Ever, The Last Roundup and many more will be appearing at the upcoming Equestria LA convention in May.

If you want to attend the convention you’ve got to register quickly because ticket sales close April 19th.

More information and the full press release can be found below.


» Las Pegasus Unicon Holding T-Shirt Fundraiser For Charity

Las Pegasus Unicon, coming up on February 22-24 at the Riviera in Las Vegas, Nevada, sent us some information about their upcoming charity efforts. They are preparing a limited edition run of T-shirts to help benefit the College View School, the preferred charity of show writer Amy Keating Rogers. Only 250 shirts will be made, and they will be signed by Amy Keating Rogers. The proceeds form the shirt sale benefit the school. You must order them before Chrsitmas, and you do not have to attend the con to receive one—just mention that you cannot attend and it will be mailed to you instead. You can find more information on their charity support page.

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» Chilling in Chicago: The Midwestria 2012 Con Report

Walking into Pheasant Run resort in St. Charles Illinois on a Friday morning in mid September, one would not expect anything too out of the ordinary. The site is host to a full 18 hole golf course, a beautiful hotel and a conference center. This weekend in particular, there were plans on hosting two wedding celebrations and a business retreat for a group of General Motors executives. Fairly normal when it comes to the types of events here. But there was one other event going on that weekend that none of the others would have expected: a My Little Pony convention, named Midwestria. Look beyond the cut to read about my experience there.

» Interview: Amy Keating Rogers at Midwestria

This is the second of four interviews of guests from Midwestria that we’ll be posting in the next few days.  Next up is Amy Keating Rogers who spent some time talking with us about how she made her mark on My Little Pony and how it compares to her other writing experiences. Rogers is best known for writing episodes like “A Friend in Deed,” “The Last Roundup,” and “The Best Night Ever.”

If you prefer reading, a full text transcript of the interview is behind the break.


» Las Pegasus Unicon Announces Tara Strong, Amy Keating Rogers, Daniel Ingram

Las Pegasus Unicon

Large conventions springing up out of nowhere isn’t unfamiliar territory to the Friendship is Magic fandom, and another one has sprouted up. This time, it’s in the desert reaches of Nevada. Las Pegasus Unicon in Las Vegas, NV is opening its doors on February 22-24 in 2013, and they’ve already got two Friendship is Magic show guests lined up. Tara Strong and Amy Keating Rogers will head to the city of neon lights to anchor the guest list. Also, according to their home page, Daniel Ingram is also scheduled to attend. The convention will be held at the Riviera hotel. A full three day pass seem a bit spendy at $85 if you pay at the door, but pre-registers can pay $51 before the end of September. If you live in the Southwestern US it may be your first crack at a pony convention. For more information from the official release, check behind the cut.