» Podcast: Bronies for Good on Feminism and the Fandom

Bronies for Good teamed up with us to produce a podcast panel discussion about feminism and feminists in the Pony fandom. Think of it as an audio version of a TRS Round Table! The panel consists of the following members:

  • Sonya Lynn, Convention Chair of BABSCon.
  • Factory Factory, moderator emeritus and contributor to the TRS Forums.
  • Lilli, a regular poster on the TRS Forums.
  • TechPhek, Writer for Derpy News and Pickle Barrel Kumquat, and editor of the MLP G4 Merch Tumblr.

The podcast was produced by Rommel, InC, and the Bronies for Good organization with assistance from The Round Stable. 

» Nurse Redheart’s Roundup: Give Blood For Friendship!

Nurse Redheart's Roundup

Bronies for Good is pushing its blood drive donation, Nurse Redheart’s Round-Up. By promoting the need for blood across the world, BfG wants fans of the show to do what they can to fill the need. All you need is some documentation of your donation (such as testimony, a photo, a copy of donation forms, etc) and post it on the NRR thread in Ponychan. This will enter you into a prize drawing for neat stuff!

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» Bronies For Good Update: Seeds of Kindness Success

Seeds of Kindness 3 Banner

The team at Bronies for Good have some updates for Seeds of Kindness. The team is pleased to announce the funding of the orphanage, and now all donations are going towards the Green Village initiative.

Meanwhile, we are putting up a tag-team drive to help our community contribute towards the causes. Check out our new forum thread to learn about it!

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» Bronies for Good Seeds of Kindness 3 Premiere Party

Seeds of Kindness

On Saturday, August 24 at 4 PM eastern, the big release party for Seeds of Kindness 3, the latest charity album coordinated by Bronies for Good, will go on! It’ll be simulcast by many fandom radio stations, but you’ll be able to watch it at the source at events.yoursiblings.org.

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» Con Roundup: Bronies for Good, Galacon

As we creep ever closer to Galacon and Bronycon next weekend, the updates keep flowing fast and furious not only from Galacon (who have been busy finishing up plans for their Gala Evening), but also from Bronies for Good, who will be hosting a number of charity events at both conventions.

Galacon’s Gala Evening

Galacon has revealed more details about their Gala Evening event, which consists of two hours of classic formal dance in the Gala Ball, featuring contributions from AcousticBrony, followed by two hours of a dance party featuring the stylings of Thorinair and HMage of A State of Brony leading the way!

Seeds of Kindness 3

Meanwhile, Bronies for Good seeks to remind everyone of the many, many events they have planned for next weekend including:

  • Album Preorders for Seeds of Kindness 3: A Beautiful Heart, which will help to support a number of efforts in Uganda and Burundi for orphans and street children.
  • Letter Drive for Your Siblings, a drive to send letters to those children who benefitted from the drive to support Your Siblings during Seeds of Kindness 1.
  • Nurse Redheart’s Roundup Pledge Drive, a pledge drive for those who want to contribute as part of the Nurse Redheart’s Roundup blood drive which starts in September.
  • Charity Auction for CureSearch (BronyCon only), a charity organization fighting children’s cancer. 80% of all proceeds at the BronyCon charity auction will go to CureSearch.
  • Food Drive for Maryland Food Bank (BronyCon only)
  • FOB 5K Casey Cares Run (BronyCon only), in which FOB Equestria will be fielding a team for this charity run which seeks to help children with cancer. Any non-military brony may join in for an entry fee of only $35!

Details for both GalaCon and the Bronies for Good events lie below the cut.


» Bronies for Good Announces Seeds of Kindness 3 Charity Partners

Seeds of Kindness

With the release of Seeds of Kindness 3 imminent upon us and the charity efforts of GalaCon combined with Bronies For Good, the BfG team is pleased to announce their charity partners for SoK 3.

First is Your Siblings, the longtime recipient of Bronies for Good’s charity efforts. YS will be teaming with three projects in Uganda and Burundi, thanks to Another Home and Green Life, respectively.  The other is Room to Read, a literacy group focused on bringing gender equality to literacy in developing countries.

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» GalaCon and Bronies for Good Team Up for Kallisti III on June 22

Kallisti III banner

Once again, GalaCon and Bronies for Good are teaming up for a charity livestream featuring show staff, top artists, and more. With staff like Amy Keating Rogers, Andrea Libman, Anneli Heed, Dave Polsky,  Julie Basecqz, and M.A. Larson, you’re sure to hear from someone interesting. Accompanying them will be a litany of artists including John Joseco, DeathPwny, Wrecky, and more, drawing requests and more.

Like previous events, you can tune in at  events.yoursiblings.org on noon Eastern time on Saturday, June 22. The proceeds will be split between GalaCon and Bronies For Good’s Seeds of Kindness project.

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» Bronies for Good and GalaCon Announce Kallisti III Livestream for Charity

Kallisti 3 Banner

Once again GalaCon and Bronies for Good are teaming up for a fundraising livestream extravaganza. Starting at noon eastern on June 22nd, the stream will feature MLP: FiM Staffers and actors as well as artists streaming their drawings. Half of the proceeds will go to fund Bronies for Good’s Seeds of Kindness project, while the other half will help support GalaCon’s auction.

We’ll be sure to remind you again when the date approaches.

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» Bronies for Good Brings Seeds of Kindness Update

Seeds of Kindness

There’s good news from Bronies for Good’s Seeds of Kindness project. Their third charity album, “A Beautiful Heart,” is in production, and there is still room for those who want to participate. You have until July 7 to submit a song to the team. In addition, there’s a big status update on the clinic in Uganda funded by the project. You can read the complete report behind the cut.


» Traveling Pony Museum and Bronies for Good Hosting Charity Event on June 1st

TPM / BFG Header

The Traveling Pony museum and Bronies For Good have teamed up for a Seeds of Kindness 3 charity livestream event! Joining The Brony Show and Ponys Live Now, the show will be starting at 12 PM Eastern time on June 1st.

Some of the special guests include Lee Tockar (actor from the show who voices Snails and Stephen Magnet), John Joseco, Tsitra360, Alex Straza, and more! The team will be auctioning off prizes to raise money, like plushes, rare merchandise, autographed memorabilia, and more.

You can watch the stream at http://www.twitch.tv/ponyslivenow/old

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