» Tuesday Convention Notes: Equestria LA on Hiatus, BronyCAN and BUCK This Weekend!

Today we’ve got some convention announcements and updates for you all to peruse.

Unfortunately, Equestria LA will not have a 2014 event. Due to commitments and exhaustion on account of the staff, they have decided to forego hosting in 2014. However, it will give them time to refocus for a possible 2015 convention. Any badges promised or compensated will be carried over for the next event. The team is planning on hosting a livestream Q&A about future events, if such a thing does come about we will be sure to make note of it.

Meanwhile, this weekend there’s not one, but TWO cons going on! In beautiful British Columbia, BronyCAN is ready to burst on to the scene. The first Canadian convention, BronyCAN is full of guests and fun, and their schedule of events and vendor listing are now up. Unfortunately, Andrew Francis (Voice of Shining Armor) and Silva Hound have had to back out as guests of the convention. Saturday hotel rooms have sold out. There’s even more tidbits beyond the cut.

Meanwhile, across the continent and pond, the second BUCK In Manchester, England will go on! But if you can’t make it due to distance or other reasons, you can still experience the con. Both Everfree Network and BronyState will stream the convention for your viewing pleasure.

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» Thursday Convention Notes: Nightmare Nights Dallas, BronyCAN, DerpyCon South

First, Nightmare Nights Dallas is announcing the closure of their dealer’s hall and the opening of artist’s alley! If you could not secure a seat in the vendor hall, artists who desire to work on commissions and other work at the con can sign up for Artist’s Alley instead. If you want to sign up for the alley, check out their reg info. Otherwise, check behind the cut for the full list of vendors!

Next, BronyCAN preregistration closes in just one week. It ends at 10:59 PM pacific time on August 16. There will be tickets sold at the door if you miss preregistration. Also, several attending fandom guests have been announced, including Forest Rain, Bejoty, Rina-Chan, Automatic Jack, and DJ Scratch Attack. For all of it, check behind the cut.

Lastly, DerpyCon South is holding a 24 hour gaming marathon on The Midnight Run to help raise funds for their Indiegogo. It starts at 12 PM CST and will consist of games like Team Fortress, Mario Kart, and more.

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» BronyCAN Announces Vincent Tong and Rebecca Shoichet (UPDATED)

Vincent Tong

UPDATE (8/1): A day after announcing Vincent Tong, BronyCAN also announced that Rebecca Shoichet, singing voice of Twilight Sparkle and voice of Sunset Shimmer, would be attending BronyCAN as a guest of honor. Shoichet has also had a number of roles in dubbed anime, including Sota Higurashi in Inuyasha, Mayura Labatt in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, and Tricia in Iron Man: Armored Adventures. The original article and press release are below.

BronyCAN, the hometown convention of Vancover, British Columbia, is announcing Vincent Tong as an honored guest. Tong, who played roles like Prince Blueblood and Donut Joe, had a much larger role in the recent Equestria Girls movie as Flash Sentry.

BronyCAN will be held on August 24-25 at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel in Richmond, B.C. Check behind the cut for the full release.


» Monday Con Notes: BronyCAN Announces Andrew Francis, BronyCon, DerpyCon South

Shining Armor

First, BronyCAN is pleased to announce that Andrew Francis will attend their con as an honored guest! Francis, the voice of Shining Armor, will be attending the British Columbia convention and joins fellow guests like Andrea Libman and Tabitha St. Germain.

Next, BronyCon is announcing their Masquerade talent show, where you can show off what you like to do in a non-competitive environment. To participate, you must sign up on their site. You must sign up before the convention to participate.

Lastly, DerpyCon South is teaming up with Toastbeard for their Singopation contest.

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» Friday Convention Roundup: BronyCon, BronyCAN, DerpyCon South

BronyCon has released their full schedule of events for the con, which is coming up in a scant three weeks.

Meanwhile, up in British Columbia, BronyCAN has announced some promotions to encourage travel to their con. For Canadian guests, they have organized buses from several provinces to bring Canadian fans together, while for United States fans they’ve created a promotional teamup with airlines for a coupon code to reduce fares. For complete details, check the BronyCAN section behind the cut. Also, BronyCAN has announced more musicians like StarborneDJ TetsuoHeyLasFas, and Additive Subtractive, and they now have a subforum specifically for BronyCAN on MLPForums.com.

Lastly, DerpyCon South has extended the deadline for their songwriting contest. You have until the end of July to submit a fan song about Spitfire, to be judged by Anneli Heed, the voice of Swedish Spitfire.

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» Fourth of July Convention Roundup: BronyCAN, Sweet Apple Acres

BronyCAN up in Vancouver has two announcements. First, they will be at Everfree Northwest this weekend, selling badges at discounted rates. In addition, if you book your hotel room using the promo code BRONYCAN, you’ll get a special promo package, including free parking, wifi, and a pony themed gift basket.

In addition, their convention book is now open for advertising. With sizes and prices ranging from $15 to $100, there’s a rate that can fit everybody. For all of the details on specs, please check behind the cut.

Meanwhile, Sweet Apple Acres Con in Nashville is holding a Fourth of July sale. Ending on July 8 (along with preregistration), if you use the promo code 20PCNT when registering you’ll get a price cut. 3-day passes will be $44 with this, and the discount applies to VIP and single day passes as well.

To see the complete releases, check behind the cut.


» BronyCAN Celebrates Canada Day!

Continuing a streak of announcements from cons around the globe, BronyCAN has a number of announcements to commemorate Canada Day, including:

Full details lie behind the cut!


» International Con Roundup: BronyCAN, BronyDays

First, BronyCAN is pleased to announce that Nicole Gauss, character designer from MLP:FiM will be attending their con as an honored guest.

Second, BronyDays in France has announced a series of fandom special guests. These include The Living Tombstone, Laser Pon3, and Yulnyh.

For the complete releases from each con, check behind the cut.


» Convention Roundup: TrotCon, BronyCAN


TrotCon 2013 has announced some guest attendance changes for the convention next month. Joining the guest lineup are FIM writer Dave Polsky and voice actor Peter New. Sadly Lee Tokar will not be appearing at the convention due to a scheduling conflict his Emmy nomination awards night, best of luck Lee!


Meanwhile, prolific voice actor Tabitha St. Germain will be attending the inaugural BronyCan convention this August in British Columbia, Canada.

You can read the two announcements in full below: