» BronyCon Q&A: M.A. Larson

As part of BronyCon 2013, press members were granted access to a “press conference” style Q&A session with various VIPs. The Round Stable was in attendance. For the first in this series, we present MA Larson!

Sitting in front of a group that could be deemed the fandom press, M.A. Larson is asked about BronyCon, and how it feels to be the center of attention at a convention like this. His answer reflects his attitude:

“It doesn’t make any sense.”


» Con Roundup: Bronies for Good, Galacon

As we creep ever closer to Galacon and Bronycon next weekend, the updates keep flowing fast and furious not only from Galacon (who have been busy finishing up plans for their Gala Evening), but also from Bronies for Good, who will be hosting a number of charity events at both conventions.

Galacon’s Gala Evening

Galacon has revealed more details about their Gala Evening event, which consists of two hours of classic formal dance in the Gala Ball, featuring contributions from AcousticBrony, followed by two hours of a dance party featuring the stylings of Thorinair and HMage of A State of Brony leading the way!

Seeds of Kindness 3

Meanwhile, Bronies for Good seeks to remind everyone of the many, many events they have planned for next weekend including:

  • Album Preorders for Seeds of Kindness 3: A Beautiful Heart, which will help to support a number of efforts in Uganda and Burundi for orphans and street children.
  • Letter Drive for Your Siblings, a drive to send letters to those children who benefitted from the drive to support Your Siblings during Seeds of Kindness 1.
  • Nurse Redheart’s Roundup Pledge Drive, a pledge drive for those who want to contribute as part of the Nurse Redheart’s Roundup blood drive which starts in September.
  • Charity Auction for CureSearch (BronyCon only), a charity organization fighting children’s cancer. 80% of all proceeds at the BronyCon charity auction will go to CureSearch.
  • Food Drive for Maryland Food Bank (BronyCon only)
  • FOB 5K Casey Cares Run (BronyCon only), in which FOB Equestria will be fielding a team for this charity run which seeks to help children with cancer. Any non-military brony may join in for an entry fee of only $35!

Details for both GalaCon and the Bronies for Good events lie below the cut.


» Monday Con Notes: BronyCAN Announces Andrew Francis, BronyCon, DerpyCon South

Shining Armor

First, BronyCAN is pleased to announce that Andrew Francis will attend their con as an honored guest! Francis, the voice of Shining Armor, will be attending the British Columbia convention and joins fellow guests like Andrea Libman and Tabitha St. Germain.

Next, BronyCon is announcing their Masquerade talent show, where you can show off what you like to do in a non-competitive environment. To participate, you must sign up on their site. You must sign up before the convention to participate.

Lastly, DerpyCon South is teaming up with Toastbeard for their Singopation contest.

For the complete releases, check behind the cut.


» BronyCon announces Madeline Peters and G.M. Berrow

Bronycon Banner

In what is a down-to-the-wire guest announcement, BronyCon has announced a new duo of guests: Madeline Peters and G.M. Berrow!

Madeline Peters is best known as the voice of Scootaloo, will join fellow Cutie Mark Crusader Michelle Creber at the show.

G.M. Berrow is the author of the MLP novel series, including titles like Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell and Pinkie Pie’s Rockin’ Party Palooza.

Preregistration for BronyCon has closed, but unlike last year, you will be able to buy weekend and single day passes at the door. BronyCon will be held on August 2-4 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland. For the complete release, check behind the cut.


» Friday Convention Roundup: BronyCon, BronyCAN, DerpyCon South

BronyCon has released their full schedule of events for the con, which is coming up in a scant three weeks.

Meanwhile, up in British Columbia, BronyCAN has announced some promotions to encourage travel to their con. For Canadian guests, they have organized buses from several provinces to bring Canadian fans together, while for United States fans they’ve created a promotional teamup with airlines for a coupon code to reduce fares. For complete details, check the BronyCAN section behind the cut. Also, BronyCAN has announced more musicians like StarborneDJ TetsuoHeyLasFas, and Additive Subtractive, and they now have a subforum specifically for BronyCAN on MLPForums.com.

Lastly, DerpyCon South has extended the deadline for their songwriting contest. You have until the end of July to submit a fan song about Spitfire, to be judged by Anneli Heed, the voice of Swedish Spitfire.

For the complete releases from all cons, check behind the cut.


» Bronycon Is Having a Fire… Sale!


Those of you who still haven’t made up your minds about going to BronyCon have one last chance to jump on a discounted price with BronyCon’s fire sale! Today and tomorrow only, BronyCon is offering a sale price of $65 for a three-day badge for the con, which will be held August 2-4 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Keep in mind that BronyCon’s pre-registration ends July 15th, so if you’re still hemming in hawing, now is an excellent time to get a move on!

As always, the press release is behind the cut


» BronyCon Announces Amy Keating Rogers

Bronycon Amy Keating Rogers

BronyCon is welcoming back Amy Keating Rogers to their ranks of honored guests. Amy, who attended June BronyCon last year (thanks to efforts spearheaded by our forum, in fact), is heading out to the August convention, ready for fun and to talk about her role in ponies and other shows.

For the complete release, check behind the cut.


» Wednesday Con Notes: Everfree Northwest, Bronycon

Everfree Northwest, having announced its writer guests last week, is now ready to talk about its artists! Featuring names like Tsitra360, Hezaa, Dana Simpson, and more, there will be plenty of talented artists for you to meet. With an art show, cosplay competition and artist’s panels, there will be plenty for all artistically inclined fans to enjoy.

In addition, Everfree has announced the Road to Everfree Album, whose profits go to help musicians travel to the convention itself.

Meanwhile, BronyCon has announced some officially sanctioned pre-con events, like the Fell’s Point Dine Tour and the 21+ only Bar Trot. They’re ways you can sample the area around the convention center and get a taste for the local scene in Baltimore.

To see the full releases, check behind the cut.


» BronyCon announces M.A. Larson

Bronycon M.A. Larson

BronyCon has a new guest of honor to announce, and it’s show writer Mitch “M.A.” Larson. Larson, writer of such episodes as “Sonic Rainboom,” “Luna Eclipsed,” and “Magical Mystery Cure” will mark his first appearance at BronyCon this summer, joining fellow guests like Nicole Oliver and Andy Price.

BronyCon is being held at the Baltimore Convention Center from August 2-4, 2013. For the complete release, check behind the cut.