» Tuesday Convention Notes: Equestria LA on Hiatus, BronyCAN and BUCK This Weekend!

Today we’ve got some convention announcements and updates for you all to peruse.

Unfortunately, Equestria LA will not have a 2014 event. Due to commitments and exhaustion on account of the staff, they have decided to forego hosting in 2014. However, it will give them time to refocus for a possible 2015 convention. Any badges promised or compensated will be carried over for the next event. The team is planning on hosting a livestream Q&A about future events, if such a thing does come about we will be sure to make note of it.

Meanwhile, this weekend there’s not one, but TWO cons going on! In beautiful British Columbia, BronyCAN is ready to burst on to the scene. The first Canadian convention, BronyCAN is full of guests and fun, and their schedule of events and vendor listing are now up. Unfortunately, Andrew Francis (Voice of Shining Armor) and Silva Hound have had to back out as guests of the convention. Saturday hotel rooms have sold out. There’s even more tidbits beyond the cut.

Meanwhile, across the continent and pond, the second BUCK In Manchester, England will go on! But if you can’t make it due to distance or other reasons, you can still experience the con. Both Everfree Network and BronyState will stream the convention for your viewing pleasure.

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» Michelle Creber to Attend BUCK


The folks with the United Kingdom’s leading brony convention, BUCK, have announced that Michelle Creber, voice of Apple Bloom and singing voice of both Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, will be attending BUCK as a guest. Furthermore, she will be performing at the Saturday night Lunar Eclipse music concert, as well as collaborating with Acoustic Brony and The Living Tombstone at the Summer Sun Celebration, held Friday night.

As always, the press release is behind the cut.


» BUCK Announces Cindy Morrow


Good news for our friends across the pond: BUCK is adding Cindy Morrow to their list of honored guests at the Manchester convention . Morrow is a writer for MLP: FiM and was a board artist and writer for other notable shows like The Powerpuff Girls, will be attending the UK convention, marking her first appearance at an international con.

BUCK is being held on August 23-25, 2013 at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, England.

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» Saturday Convention Notes: BUCK, Legends of Equestria Team

The weekend is upon us, and it’s time for two con announcements for you.

First, the folks at BUCK in England are readying their charity auction, and they’re looking for some help. First, they’re holding a vote on where exactly the charity money will go to, and you can vote for it on the UK of Equestria forum. Second, they’re soliciting items for donation to the charity auction itself. If you have something you want to go into the auction, make sure to send an email to [email protected] today.

Second, the folks at the Legends of Equestria game are debuting an alpha version of their game at both Fiesta Equestria and Everfree Northwest. The team will be hosting panels at both cons to talk about their massively multiplayer online miniature horse game.

For complete releases from both cons, check below the cut.


» BUCK Announces John de Lancie


If you’re in Europe and want to meet Discord, you’re in luck! John de Lancie, voice of Discord, is the first guest of honor for BUCK, England’s pony convention. de Lancie will be flying across the pond to meet and even dine with England’s pony fans of all stripes.

BUCK is finally proud to announce their first VIP Guest!

John De Lancie, the voice of Discord himself, will be flying all the way from the USA to Manchester, England this August to attend Europe’s biggest Brony convention.

Those with a Celestia tier BUCK ticket will have the honour of dining with John and other BUCK VIP Guests (TBA) on Friday. These tickets are currently sold out but more will available with the coming of the second BUCK ticket wave!

Tickets and more information about BUCK can be found on our website: http://www.buckcon.org/

BUCK is being held on August 23-25 at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, England. 

» BUCK Announces Easter Egg Hunt Contest


Planning or hoping on going to BUCK this August? Enjoy Easter and/or scavenger hunts? Some combination thereof?

Then you’ll certainly want to check out their Easter Egg Hunt competition:

It’s time for an egg hunt everyone! We’ve got a free Summer Sun Celebration ticket up for grabs for the winner of the hunt!

There are seven eggs to find, each with it’s own colour and letter.
You’ll be able find them on all of BUCK’s social and media outlets over the Easter weekend- so I hope you’ve been paying close attention to us!
First person to tweet the super secret word the eggs spell out to @BUCKcon on twitter wins the Summer Sun Celebration ticket!

Keep your eyes peeled for hints from us as well!

Happy hunting!

Interested hunters would do well to keep an eye on the official BUCK site and official Twitter

[Update]Brony UK Convention Location Revealed & Tickets On Sale

BUCK2013SiteBannerupdatedagain-023Brony UK Convention (BUCK) has announced that The Bridgewater Hall in central Manchester will be hosting the convention from August 23rd to 25th, 2013. Tickets have gone on sale so keep that weekend free and start making plans if you’re looking to attend.

For a comprehensive list of ticket options check out their website here. You can also get further information by following BUCK on Twitter (@BUCKcon) or Facebook.

» Wednesday Convention Notes: GalaCon, BUCK, Cutie Mark Con, SAC Brony Expo

It’s the middle of the week, and there’s some neat things coming up for some future fan events!

First, GalaCon will be holding an Ask Me Anything on Reddit’s r/mylittlepony. Starting at 11 AM Eastern time on Saturday, March 23, Weatherhoof from GalaCon will be on hand to discuss anything relating to GalaCon, such as the fact that their recent fundraiser has scored over 9,000 euros in donations!

Next, BUCK (The Brony UK Convention) will be in attendance at Nineworlds Geekfest in London this August as representatives of our fair fandom in England. The con will host a pony panel and more.

Cutie Mark Con in Cincinnati, Ohio will be holding a special crafts-oriented bazaar featuring the likes of ChaoticBrony, Spike Firemane, Renegadecow, and Sol Sunset. Some of the crafts will be held for auction to benefit A Kid Again!

Lastly, but not leastly, Sac Brony Expo in Sacramento, California is running a kickstarter to make sure their event goes on without a hitch. If you live in the greater NorCal region and are hankering for a pony gathering to go to, then this might be your opportunity. Plus, there are rewards for Kickstarter donations as well, like prints, raffle entries, and a plushie raffle too.

For the complete releases from all the cons, you can enjoy them from beyond the cut.


» Saturday Convention Roundup – BUCK, Cloudsdale Congress, Big Apple Ponycon

Brony Convention UK (BUCK) has launched a brand new website filled with information for their upcoming 2013 convention, Cloudsdale Congress sadly has to cancel two previously announced guests stars and re-organizes the convention plan, while Big Apple Ponycon announces Jayson Thiessen as a guest and introduces hotel discount rates.

For the latest information on these three conventions you can see the press releases below.