» TRS Round Table 048: Inspiration Manifestation

Just how fabulous can you make something without going too far? Glad you asked us! The TRS Round Table is a group review, where we come together to discuss the goings on in ponydom. This week we’re talking about Inspiration Manifestation, the episode of Friendship is Magic that aired on April 26, 2014. Joining the Round Table today are Fizzbuzz, Niels Olof, ShieldedDiamond, Mr. Big, Pocket, and KefkaFloyd. Read on to find out what we thought.


» TRS Round Table 035: Rainbow Falls Review

It’s time for a multicolor pony parade here at TRS! Rainbow Falls first aired on January 18, 2014, and we’ve set up the TRS Round Table to talk about Rainbow Dash’s latest shenanigans in loyalty and awesomeness. Joining the Round Table are RudeCyrus, Sind, The Doctor, ComradeCosmobot, and KefkaFloyd! Read on for a rush of rainbows.


» TRS Round Table 011: Just for Sidekicks

Welcome back to another rousing edition of TRS Round Table! This edition examines “Just for Sidekicks,” the episode of Friendship is Magic that first aired on January 26, 2013. TRS Round Table is our group analysis and chat about the episode, and maybe you’ll learn something new or look at it in a different light. Joining the Round Table today are PictishBeast, Headless Horse, Wayoshi, ComradeCosmobot, drunkill, Redeye, and KefkaFloyd. Find out our thoughts beyond the cut.


» Possible Writer Revealed?

A recent Tweet by Amy Keating Rogers has strongly hinted at a new addition to the writing team of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic for upcoming episodes. The tweet lists Corey Powell as a possible writer, she has worked on shows including Growing Up Creepie and The Land Before Time.

@msinter @stephaniesheh Tomorrow’s Care Bears is “Holiday Hics” by Corey Powell. #bronies you’ll know her name soon!youtube.com/watch?v=BufZki…

— Amy Keating Rogers (@KeatingRogers) August 17, 2012

While we try to avoid speculation this news is a very strong implication that we cannot confirm until an episode is written with Corey Powell credited.

Amy wrote 11 FIM episodes before leaving the show to become story editor for Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot where Corey is currently writing. In the past Natasha Levinger was also rumored as a new addition to the writing staff for future FIM episodes after Season Three. 

[Source: Amy Keating Rogers via Twitter]