» Tuesday Convention Notes: Equestria LA on Hiatus, BronyCAN and BUCK This Weekend!

Today we’ve got some convention announcements and updates for you all to peruse.

Unfortunately, Equestria LA will not have a 2014 event. Due to commitments and exhaustion on account of the staff, they have decided to forego hosting in 2014. However, it will give them time to refocus for a possible 2015 convention. Any badges promised or compensated will be carried over for the next event. The team is planning on hosting a livestream Q&A about future events, if such a thing does come about we will be sure to make note of it.

Meanwhile, this weekend there’s not one, but TWO cons going on! In beautiful British Columbia, BronyCAN is ready to burst on to the scene. The first Canadian convention, BronyCAN is full of guests and fun, and their schedule of events and vendor listing are now up. Unfortunately, Andrew Francis (Voice of Shining Armor) and Silva Hound have had to back out as guests of the convention. Saturday hotel rooms have sold out. There’s even more tidbits beyond the cut.

Meanwhile, across the continent and pond, the second BUCK In Manchester, England will go on! But if you can’t make it due to distance or other reasons, you can still experience the con. Both Everfree Network and BronyState will stream the convention for your viewing pleasure.

For the complete releases, check behind the cut.


» Equestria LA: The Power of Parody Propels You! Panel

Back at Equestria LA 2013, JHaller and I hosted a panel called the Power of Parody Propels You. In the panel, we talked about how to make parodies and what makes great parodies work. Haller and I liked to believe that this was a live-action Round Stable article, so it would only be logical to have it featured up here on the front page. Many thanks go to Brony Clubhouse for recording and posting the panel. The panel is about an hour long, so allow appropriate time to be able to enjoy it. 

» EQLA 2013 Recorded Panels On Youtube

EQLA 2013 Banner

The recorded convention panels from last months Equestria LA fan convention in Anaheim, California have been posted up on youtube. The convention was not streamed live during the event but now the high quality recordings are available to view by all.

Equestria LA: Day 1 Playlist

Equestria LA: Day 2 Playlist

If hours and hours of video footage is too much, you can read Kefkafloyds convention writeup instead. Embedded below are the Writers and Voice Actors panels.


» Welcome To The OC: Equestria LA 2013

Sunnier months and vacations are upon us, and that means that the pony fan convention scene is beginning in earnest. The first of the returning big-name cons to run this year is Equestria LA in Anaheim, California. Debuting a scant six months after the first EQLA, the 2013 edition aimed to get the jump on the rest of the con circuit and hold their event in the prime late spring/early summer months instead of at the end of the year. Was this the right plan, and how well did the convention go? Read on to find out.


» Equestria LA Announces Tabitha St. Germain

EQLA banner 2013

Equestria LA is coming up in less than two weeks, but that’s not stopping the crew from announcing fabulous new guests. And this guest is the most fabulous of them all! Tabitha St. Germain, voice of Rarity, Princess Luna, Granny Smith, and more will be joining the growing guest list at the southern California convention.

In addition to the attendance of Tabitha, there’s a few important dates that people looking to attend the con should keep in mind. May 3rd is the last day to reserve a hotel room and still receive special convention perks. Pre-registration for the whole weekend closes on May 4th. However, you can still attend the convention by purchasing day passes at the door for $35 on Friday and Sunday, or $45 for Saturday.

EQLA will be held on May 10-12 at the Anaheim Marriott in Anaheim, California.


Everfree Network and Equestria LA Interview Michelle Creber

The friendly folks at Everfree Network have a new interview for your perusal. Final Draft, along with GlitteringPony from Equestria LA have talked with Michelle Creber, the voice of Apple Bloom. Creber will be at the convention, which is in a scant two weeks from now. You can find the interview embedded below.

[Source: Everfree Network]

» EQLA Announces Cindy Morrow & Extended Hotel Rates

EQLA banner 2013

With Equestria LA fast approaching, MLP writer Cindy Morrow has joined the growing list of guests attending the convention on 10th-12th of May. The convention has also extended the date for pre-registration to May 4th, allowing you to save a few dollars if you get in quickly.

You can get all the information regarding vendor tables, hotel deals and more in the press release below.


» Equestria LA Announces Amy Keating Rogers

EQLA banner 2013

Amy Keating Rogers, the scriptwriter of many episodes such as Applebuck Season, Fall Weather Friends, The Best Night Ever, The Last Roundup and many more will be appearing at the upcoming Equestria LA convention in May.

If you want to attend the convention you’ve got to register quickly because ticket sales close April 19th.

More information and the full press release can be found below.


The Brony Chronicles premiering at EQLA

The Brony Chronicles, a new fan made documentary has announced it’s premier at this years Equestria LA convention. The film, split into three parts will cover the show, it’s fandom and the impacts both of those have on todays social fabric. You can watch an announcement video below and for more information view the projects Kickstarter page or head to their tumblr and ask any questions you may have about the project.

[Source: Press Release from The Brony Chronicles]