» Everfree Northwest Last Minute Guest: Raven Molisee

Raven at Everfree NW

Even though the con is only in a few days, Everfree Northwest isn’t done with the guest announcements. Joining the guest list at the last minute is storyboard artist Raven Molisee! Raven, who attended Everfree last year, will be joining fellow storyboarder Sabrina Alberghetti as production artists attending the con.

Everfree Northwest is this weekend, July 5-7, at the SeaTac Hilton in Seattle, Washington. For the complete release, check behind the cut.


» Everfree Northwest Announces Andrea Libman, Tabitha St. Germain Update

Andrea Libman Andrea Libman

Until now, the ever fabulous Tabitha St. Germain was scheduled to be a guest of honor at Seattle’s big fan convention, Everfree Northwest. Regretfully, due to illness, Tabitha will be unable to attend the show. But it’s not all bad—in her stead, Andrea Libman will be attending the show! This marks the second Everfree that Andrea has attended, and she’s ready to go have more fun down in Seattle.

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» Wednesday Con Notes: Everfree Northwest, Bronycon

Everfree Northwest, having announced its writer guests last week, is now ready to talk about its artists! Featuring names like Tsitra360, Hezaa, Dana Simpson, and more, there will be plenty of talented artists for you to meet. With an art show, cosplay competition and artist’s panels, there will be plenty for all artistically inclined fans to enjoy.

In addition, Everfree has announced the Road to Everfree Album, whose profits go to help musicians travel to the convention itself.

Meanwhile, BronyCon has announced some officially sanctioned pre-con events, like the Fell’s Point Dine Tour and the 21+ only Bar Trot. They’re ways you can sample the area around the convention center and get a taste for the local scene in Baltimore.

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» Everfree Northwest Announces Writer’s Track

EFNW2013-announce-writingMore details about Everfree Northwest events are coming out, and the lastest information is about the writer’s track. With over a dozen panels and eleven notable writers, Everfree Northwest will have a very busy schedule for current or aspiring writers.. If you’re interested in improving your writing or hearing from popular authors, the July 5-7 convention will be what you’re looking for.

Check behind the cut for the full release and the list of au.


» Amy Keating Rogers and Sabrina Alberghetti Heading to Everfree NW



Good news for those in the Pacific Northwest: Sabrina “Sibsy” Alberghetti and Amy Keating Rogers will be heading to Seattle for Everfree Northwest. These two join the list of honored guests which includes Tabitha St. Germain, Peter New, Andrew Francis, and  Michelle Creber.

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» Sunday Con Notes: Sweet Apple Acres, Everfree Northwest

Sweet Apple Acres Con in Nashville, TN is runnig the risk of not having enough hotel rooms booked to fulfill their room block rate. If you are attending the con, please make sure you book your room so that the con is not short. If the rooms are not booked, the con will be on the hook for the balance of the cost, which is not an insignificant amount of change. Please read beyond the cut for the full details.


Meanwhile, Everfree Northwest is in a few weeks, and there’s a few critical deadlines that attendees should be aware of. Pre-registration for the con ends on June 15th, so if you want the pre-register rate, you have to make sure you secure your badge. Even if you miss the pre-registration deadline, you can still buy tickets at the door.

Also, the PMV contest entry deadline is June 16th, so if you want your video in the contest, it has to be done by then! A complete set of rules has been devised, so you should make sure your entry qualifies.

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» Everfree Northwest Compilation Station

Everfree Northwest

Everfree Northwest in Seattle is only a month away, and there’s some odds and ends that the staff want to make sure everyone knows about before the show. Important things, like the number of supporter badges available, how to be a staffer, hotel reservation limits, and more. Because it’s such a long and comprehensive list, you can check behind the cut for all of the details on each note.


» Tuesday Convention Notes; Everfree Northwest, BronyCon

Both BronyCon and Everfree Northwest have major events to announce, and we’ve got both of them here for you. First, Everfree Northwest is opening up this year’s PMV contest! This year, the categories have expanded to include non-music PMVs as well. The deadline is June 16, and you must have made your video after February 3. If you’re up to it, you can submit your entries to [email protected]!

Meanwhile, BronyCon has a new special feature, and that’s the “Whose Line Is It, Anypony?” event, and they’re looking for aspiring comedians and improv artists to join the cast. If you’re good enough, you’ll be on stage to entertain hundreds of fans.

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» Everfree NW Holding Music Preview in Seattle

Everfree Northwest

At the Vera Project in Seattle, Everfree Northwest is holding a preview concert for their Elements of Melody concert. This Friday, April 5, you can catch a sneak live performance by several groups like Donn Devore and The Cutie Marks, Tarby, and more. Tickets are $9 advance, or $11 at the door. Those buying advance tickets get a free poster pack, and those that buy their EFNW tickets at the show get a free gift.

For more details, check behind the cut.