» Fixing The Problems Women Face in the MLP Fandom

Continuing our International Women’s Day week content is today’s editorial, written by forum members rudecyrus and ShieldedDiamond.

It’s hard to pin down why Friendship is Magic became so popular outside of its intended demographic of 6-10 year old girls. Perhaps the focus on character and not just marketability allowed the show to reach across generations. The internet certainly allowed fans to organize and communicate, but the surge of older, male fans was unprecedented. Suddenly, a large number of twenty-something men were willing to declare that they were fans of My Little Pony. At first, this crossing of age and gender boundaries was a positive thing—it allowed FiM to become more popular than it could have normally. However, the fandom has done some very questionable things that show it needs to change.

The fandom has exhibited sexist tendencies, which includes bullying and harassing women and making threats against those who try to change the status quo. Rape is seen as a joke. Femininity is frowned upon. The point of this article is to expose these practices and convince readers to fight them.  It’s possible the actions documented here are only representative of a small part of the fandom – or it may represent the majority. Either way, there is too much of this behaviour and not enough pushback against it. There needs to be a concentrated effort to curtail this kind of thing.


» Atop the Shoulders of Giants: Male Privilege in the Brony Community

It is something given to you the moment you are born. It elevates you, and gives you power over others. It helps you to go farther, beyond any kind of limits that hold others back. It can give you safety, comfort, and help when you most need it. It allows you to break past the walls and barriers that society creates for its inhabitants. Despite all of this, it is not something you are aware of. This gift makes you blind and deaf, to yourself and to others.


» Podcast: Bronies for Good on Feminism and the Fandom

Bronies for Good teamed up with us to produce a podcast panel discussion about feminism and feminists in the Pony fandom. Think of it as an audio version of a TRS Round Table! The panel consists of the following members:

  • Sonya Lynn, Convention Chair of BABSCon.
  • Factory Factory, moderator emeritus and contributor to the TRS Forums.
  • Lilli, a regular poster on the TRS Forums.
  • TechPhek, Writer for Derpy News and Pickle Barrel Kumquat, and editor of the MLP G4 Merch Tumblr.

The podcast was produced by Rommel, InC, and the Bronies for Good organization with assistance from The Round Stable. 

» The Round Stable Supports International Women’s Day

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a tremendous piece of media that deals with the themes of femininity in a way that is too seldom seen. Featuring a diverse cast of female characters that can each serve as role models, the show offers empowerment toward young girls and women everywhere. In the name of the feminine ideals of the show, The Round Stable will support the movement for gender equality with a week-long event launching on International Women’s Day on March 8th.

Beginning on March 8th, The Round Stable will publish new articles each day from a variety of writers that will deal with the theme of gender issues and equality, relating to My Little Pony. The content will aim to enlighten readers, as well as give people in our fandom an opportunity to voice their feelings about these issues in a number of topics.

The Round Stable invites anyone else interested to partake in this effort with us. Our fandom does not exist apart from these issues, and in the spirit of the show we all love, this is a worthwhile undertaking. We hope people will engage with these subjects on their own terms, and open up dialogue. Whether you can produce a video, art, writing, or just spread the word to people you know, we encourage you to join us in this endeavour.

For more information about our direct effort, and for any questions, comments, or suggestions, please visit the dedicated thread on the Round Stable forums: http://www.roundstable.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3973

For more information about International Women’s Day, please visit


First Report from Herd Census Survey In

A while back we linked a survey requesting responses and data on participants in the fandom. The Herd Census, as it was dubbed, aimed to study the demographics of internet accessible fans of the show.

You can download the report as a PDF and peruse the first look at the updated statistics. For some quick facts, you can check behind the cut for the release from Coder Brony, who headed up the survey.


» In My Time of Pony

We’re almost three weeks removed from “Magical Mystery Cure,” and we’re still talking about it. Sure, the discussion’s not as impassioned as the initial weekend, but it continues. That’s great. We have many months, maybe even a year (!) to speculate about Season 4. So let’s talk about this episode a bit more. It’s funny, all the hype surrounding the episode became suffocating to the point that some wished that the episode would just air already so people would just shut up. If only they knew.

Many reflected on their time with the show, from the first day Twilight landed in Ponyville to her graduation from her studies. It’s been quite an adventure for fans. Here’s just one of those journeys. Apologies if this gets a bit indulgent.


Second Annual Fan “Herd Census” Survey Seeking Data, Responses

Coder Brony, the fellow who helms the Brony Thank-You Fund, has released the 2013 version of the Brony Herd Census, the survey designed to learn more about the demographics and people who watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and participate in its fandom.

Last year, at a different time in the life of the fandom, the survey had over 9,000 responses. If you want to help broaden the dataset, you can fill out the survey. Optionally, but requested, is a personality type quiz, and while the results are not necessary to take the survey, Coder does request that you take the personality test before the survey and enter the results into the survey.

The complete information from Coder about the survey is behind the cut.


» The Power of Horse Compels You

In case you weren’t aware, My Little Pony is a show about ponies. Shocking, I know. You are watching a show that features an alternate universe where ponies rule, the predominant species of the land. Ponies of all colors in sizes, living in a land of horse puns, doing pony things, with pretty pony princesses. Pony should pony pony.

Some say that we watch the show in spite of the equine nature, but I don’t believe so. In fact, we’d be far less interested in the show if it wasn’t about horses. Read beyond the cut to find out.


» Capturing the Moment at Shuttershy.org

Last week marked the launch of Shuttershy.org, a new site dedicated to a probable minority: the pony fan enthusiast photographer. “That’s a bit niche” is probably your first thought, but as an on-again off-again professional photographer, the thought of such a construct intrigued me. After all, there’s splinter fan sites dedicated to so many obscure pony fan interests that it was only a matter of time that one geared towards photographers would crop up.

While it might uniquely be for photographers, Shuttershy is one of many pony fan sites aimed at narrow interests. How could a site like that serve the community at large? Read on to find out.


» The Real Princess of the Night

For a character with a small amount of screen time, Princess Luna was one of the runaway favorites after the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The younger royal sister, the Princess of the Night worked her way into the hearts and minds of fans with her story in the series premiere.

So when “Luna Eclipsed,” an episode featuring Luna was announced in the second season, fans went crazy with speculation. What would she be like? What story would it tell? Most importantly, would she stand up to the expectations inflated by months and months of fan art and fiction? What we wound up getting was beyond any expectations, good or bad. What did Luna have to overcome to keep the hearts of her fans? Read more to find out.