» Con Roundup: Bronies for Good, Galacon

As we creep ever closer to Galacon and Bronycon next weekend, the updates keep flowing fast and furious not only from Galacon (who have been busy finishing up plans for their Gala Evening), but also from Bronies for Good, who will be hosting a number of charity events at both conventions.

Galacon’s Gala Evening

Galacon has revealed more details about their Gala Evening event, which consists of two hours of classic formal dance in the Gala Ball, featuring contributions from AcousticBrony, followed by two hours of a dance party featuring the stylings of Thorinair and HMage of A State of Brony leading the way!

Seeds of Kindness 3

Meanwhile, Bronies for Good seeks to remind everyone of the many, many events they have planned for next weekend including:

  • Album Preorders for Seeds of Kindness 3: A Beautiful Heart, which will help to support a number of efforts in Uganda and Burundi for orphans and street children.
  • Letter Drive for Your Siblings, a drive to send letters to those children who benefitted from the drive to support Your Siblings during Seeds of Kindness 1.
  • Nurse Redheart’s Roundup Pledge Drive, a pledge drive for those who want to contribute as part of the Nurse Redheart’s Roundup blood drive which starts in September.
  • Charity Auction for CureSearch (BronyCon only), a charity organization fighting children’s cancer. 80% of all proceeds at the BronyCon charity auction will go to CureSearch.
  • Food Drive for Maryland Food Bank (BronyCon only)
  • FOB 5K Casey Cares Run (BronyCon only), in which FOB Equestria will be fielding a team for this charity run which seeks to help children with cancer. Any non-military brony may join in for an entry fee of only $35!

Details for both GalaCon and the Bronies for Good events lie below the cut.


» GalaCon and Bronies for Good Team Up for Kallisti III on June 22

Kallisti III banner

Once again, GalaCon and Bronies for Good are teaming up for a charity livestream featuring show staff, top artists, and more. With staff like Amy Keating Rogers, Andrea Libman, Anneli Heed, Dave Polsky,  Julie Basecqz, and M.A. Larson, you’re sure to hear from someone interesting. Accompanying them will be a litany of artists including John Joseco, DeathPwny, Wrecky, and more, drawing requests and more.

Like previous events, you can tune in at  events.yoursiblings.org on noon Eastern time on Saturday, June 22. The proceeds will be split between GalaCon and Bronies For Good’s Seeds of Kindness project.

For the complete release, check behind the cut.


» UPDATED: European Pony Convention Union Announces Summer Sun Celebration

eurobronies_BAPweek copy

UPDATE: The European Pony Convention Union have updated the rules pertaining to this event, which no longer requires purchasing a pony to enter. The British Brony convention, BUCK, has also contributed a 20% Cooler Ticket as a prize for those reluctant to head over to the continent for GalaCon, BronyDays or Crystal Fair. Both the original and updated press releases are below.

Are you a European Brony? If so, GalaCon, BronyDays, and Crystal Fair, three European Brony conventions have recently announced a special surprise event in conjunction with the European Pony Convention Union, starting June 17th to commemorate the summer solstice, entitled the Summer Sun Celebration!

Interested Bronies who participate in the event stand the chance to win a special sponsor-level ticket to one of the three events and need only post a photo with a official My Little Pony toy they purchase (with receipt) their current My Little Pony collection between June 17th and June 23rd on the www.EuroBronies.org galleries by June 30th to win!

As always, details are below the cut…


» Bronies for Good and GalaCon Announce Kallisti III Livestream for Charity

Kallisti 3 Banner

Once again GalaCon and Bronies for Good are teaming up for a fundraising livestream extravaganza. Starting at noon eastern on June 22nd, the stream will feature MLP: FiM Staffers and actors as well as artists streaming their drawings. Half of the proceeds will go to fund Bronies for Good’s Seeds of Kindness project, while the other half will help support GalaCon’s auction.

We’ll be sure to remind you again when the date approaches.

For all of the info, check behind the cut.


» Bronies for Good Art Gallery and Charity Auction at GalaCon 2013

header galacon 2013

In an effort to showcase as much community talent as possible GalaCon will be hosting an art gallery full of submissions from the community at the convention in Ludwigsburg, Germany thus August.

Additionally, donations for items are being sought after for the charity auction at the convention, all proceeds go towards the Bronies for Good charity.

You can find more information in the press release below.


» Wednesday Convention Notes: GalaCon, BUCK, Cutie Mark Con, SAC Brony Expo

It’s the middle of the week, and there’s some neat things coming up for some future fan events!

First, GalaCon will be holding an Ask Me Anything on Reddit’s r/mylittlepony. Starting at 11 AM Eastern time on Saturday, March 23, Weatherhoof from GalaCon will be on hand to discuss anything relating to GalaCon, such as the fact that their recent fundraiser has scored over 9,000 euros in donations!

Next, BUCK (The Brony UK Convention) will be in attendance at Nineworlds Geekfest in London this August as representatives of our fair fandom in England. The con will host a pony panel and more.

Cutie Mark Con in Cincinnati, Ohio will be holding a special crafts-oriented bazaar featuring the likes of ChaoticBrony, Spike Firemane, Renegadecow, and Sol Sunset. Some of the crafts will be held for auction to benefit A Kid Again!

Lastly, but not leastly, Sac Brony Expo in Sacramento, California is running a kickstarter to make sure their event goes on without a hitch. If you live in the greater NorCal region and are hankering for a pony gathering to go to, then this might be your opportunity. Plus, there are rewards for Kickstarter donations as well, like prints, raffle entries, and a plushie raffle too.

For the complete releases from all the cons, you can enjoy them from beyond the cut.


» GalaCon Launches Crowdfunding Project

The folks over at GalaCon are pleased to announce their StartNext crowdfunding project to help fund the convention. There are several excellent prizes ranging from sketches by Perrydotto all the way up to appearing in a cameo role in a JanAnimations video.

To see all the donation tiers and rewards, check behind the cut.


» GalaCon Announces Anneli Heed and Acoustic Brony


Two more guests have been added to the roster for this years GalaCon with Anneli Heed (the Swedish voice of Spitfire) and AcousticBrony (the popular community musician) both attending the convention being held from August 2-4 at the Ludwigsburg Forum in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Continue reading for a press release with more information:


» GalaCon Announces Andrea Libman and Peter New

Pinkie Pie and Maya

Today GalaCon is announcing their newest addition to their guest list, and it’s a big one for them. Andrea Libman (Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie) and Peter New (Big Macintosh) will be attending the German convention. This is a pretty big score for the European convention, as this will mark the first appearance of American voice talent at the overseas con circuit.

GalaCon will be held from August 2-4 at the Ludwigsburg Forum in Ludwigsburg, Germany. For the complete release, check behind the cut.