» TRS Round Table 033: IDW Comics #14: X Marks the Spot

Though the temperature in the northern hemisphere isn’t exactly tropical right now, that doesn’t mean we can’t take an (imaginary) trip to sun and fun with our favorite equine heroines! The conclusion to the latest story in IDW’s mainline Pony comics series is here, and it was bursting at the seams with pony pirates (and princesses too). There was swashbuckling, mutiny, and even true love! Composing the Round Table today are Mr. Big, Fizzbuzz, KefkaFloyd, and The Doctor. Check out our sea dog selves after the cut!


» TRS Round Table 026: IDW FiM Comics #13: The Salty Sea Mare

Kicking off a new arc of the comics is Heather Nuhfer and Brenda Hickey. The two are teaming up for a fantastical pirate tale featuring our favorite six horsies taking on the seven seas! The TRS Round Table is a group panel discussion about episodes, comics, the fandom, and more. Joining me at the Round Table today are Sind, Wayoshi, InsertAuthorHere, SoundMonkey44, The Doctor, and KefkaFloyd. You can read our thoughts after the cut.


» Find Your Way Back: FiM Comics #8 Review

Last week, the hotly anticipated MLP: FiM #8 landed at comic stores, with eager readers ready to buy it. Written by Heather Nuhfer, drawn by Amy Mebberson, colored by Heather Breckel, and lettered by Neil Uyetake, it’s the final issue for this creative team before the return of Katie Cook and Andy Price. The conclusion to this arc is something I’ve been waiting for since, well, the conclusion to the last arc of the comics. The long ponyless most of the year has taken its toll, after all, and getting our monthly hit of semi-canonical miniature horses has been a welcome oasis in the desert of new official content. Alas, all good things must come to an end, and it’s time for this arc to conclude. Read our thoughts behind the cut.


» The Dark Side of the Mare: MLP: FiM Comics #7 Review

The last installment of IDW Publishing’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic series concluded on an epic cliffhanger. Facing down a twisted version of the Element of Generosity, the Mane Six and Princess Luna have to tangle with Nightmare Rarity, the new queen of nightmares. With Heather Nuhfer penning the story, Amy Mebberson crafting the art, Heather Breckel painting the colors, and Neil Uyetake setting the letters, the now-familiar second creative team is ready to show us just what the Nightmare Forces have in store.

Read more to find out.


» The Night Mare Cometh: MLP: FiM Comics #6 Review

It’s that time of the month again—at least, for those of us who weren’t lucky enough to go to Wondercon—and that means a newly printed issue of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Issue #6 continues the story of the Mane Six tussling with the fearsome Nightmare Forces of the moon. Written by Heather Nuhfer, drawn by Amy Mebberson, colored by Heather Breckel, and lettered by Neil Uyetake, the latest monthly installment of the adventures of the Mane Six is sure to entertain.

Let’s take a look after the cut.


» Interview: Heather Nuhfer, MLP FiM Mainline Comics Writer

You might have heard a lot from Katie Cook and Andy Price, the creative team behind the first arc of the IDW Publishing mainline MLP comics series. But they’re not the only ones writing long form pony comic stories. While Katie and Andy regroup for issues 9-12, Issues 5-8 are being handled by a second creative team. For this arc, we’re graced with Amy Mebberson and Heather Nuhfer on art and writing, respectively. Heather has kindly agreed to talk to us, and we’ve got a shiny interview just for you!

Read more to find out Heather’s opinions on comics, ponies, and more!


» The Lunatic Fringe: MLP: FiM Comics #5 Review

With The Return of Queen Chrysalis at a close, the mainline Friendship is Magic comic books from IDW Publishing are at a crossroads. With Andy Price and Katie Cook back at the proverbial (and literal) drawing boards to work on the next set of stories starting at issue #9, we’ve got a new team of challengers to tackle our heroines. The new arc is helmed by a second creative team that has been flying a bit under the radar. Penned by Heather Nuhfer and drawn by Amy Mebberson, the two new members are joined by regulars Heather Breckel and Neil Uyetake on coloring and letters, respectively. How will this new creative team handle the subject of our model miniature horses?

Read more to find out.


» Pre-Order, Preview Pages for MLP #6 Available on iTunes

MLP comics issue #6 cover Cover by Amy Mebberson.

This morning Apple put up the preorder and preview pages for the next issue in IDW’s mainline Friendship is Magic comic series. However, they specify the expected release as April 18, which is earlier than most other given preorder dates. We’ll be keeping tabs on this to see if the release date has shifted at all.

For the collected high res preview pages, check behind the cut.


» MLP: FiM Comics Issue #6 To See Early Release at Wondercon

Pony Comic #6 Cover Dash and Scootaloo

Do you like horse comics and live near the general Orange County, California area? Then you could have a (legitimate) way to pick up the next issue of IDW’s Friendship is Magic mainline comic series before it hits store shelves. At Wondercon, the Sketch Cover Exclusive of issue #6 will be available to congoers as an exclusive for the cool cost of $10, or one Alexander Hamilton.

In addition, several members of IDW’s Pony creative team will be on hand for panels. On Sunday, March 31st at 2-3 PM IDW will be hosting a Hasbro panel which will include Amy Mebberson and Heather Nuhfer from today’s issue #5.

For autographs, Amy Mebberson, Heather Nuhfer, and Tony Fleecs will be available for signings on Friday, March 29 at 3-4 PM, and Saturday, March 30 at 2-3 PM. Thom Zahler, who wrote and drew the Twilight Sparkle Micro, will be on hand for signings at 2-3PM on Sunday, March 31.

For all of IDW’s WonderCon exclusives and programming, check out their info page

[Source: IDW Press Release]

» IDW Publishing MLP: FiM Comics Issue #5 Available Today

Comic Issue #5 Cover A

Do you like comics? Do you like miniature colored equines? Then there’s good news for you today. The beginning of story arc #2 bows today with issue #5 of IDW’s My Little Pony Comics series. Featuring the second creative team of Heather Nuhfer on writing, Amy Mebberson on art, and Heather Breckel returning for colors, the second arc promises to be one of fun, adventure, and learning a little bit more about our favorite characters.

(W) Heather Nuhfer (A) Amy Mebberson (CA) Stephanie Buscema, Amy Mebberson
Attention, everypony! Get ready for another unforgettable adventure in the land of Equestria. Twilight Sparkle and gang are confronted with a perilous new danger in the form of a long-unseen enemy! See how the Magic of Friendship prevails in the start of a brand new story arc!

You can find the books at your favorite Local Comic Book Store™, from online retailers like Things From Another World, or from digital distributors like iTunes and Comixology. Do you have it already? Then head to our forum to talk about it