» New IDW Limited Releases: CMC Comicfolio, Sarah Richard Collection

IDW Limited has two new comicfolios available for you comic lovers out there. As per usual, a special edition of the book with a limited edition lithograph will be included in each comicfolio, which you can procure for $25.

The first is for the Cutie Mark Crusaders Micro Series, and a limited edition folio of the cover gallery edition is also available, with a limited Andy Price litho.

Lastly, twenty five limited edition Sarah Richard lithos are available, each customized to be different from the others. These are $95 each. 

» IDW Limited Hardcover Rarity Red, Black, and Blue Labels Now Available [UPDATE]

Today marks the final day in releases for IDW’s hardcover label collections. Last, but not least, today’s release features the most fabulous of all fashion horses, Rarity! You can order the books at IDW Limited. The Red labels, of which 100 per pony will be made, are $125 each, and the Black labels are $350 each with only 35 being made per pony. For those with the deepest of pockets, the Blue Label edition is $650 and contains original paintings by Eisner winner Sara Richard. Only five of these per pony will be made. When every pony’s edition is available, we’ll be sure to keep you updated so you can nab your favorite.

Today’s interview is with Jennifer Blake, one of the sketch card artists.

For the previous releases for the rest of the Mane Six, check behind the cut.


» IDW Limited Announce Pinkie Pie and Applejack Comicfolios

Pinkie Pie Comicfolio Display Pinkie Pie Comicfolio Display

The last of the Mane Six comicfolios are on their way from IDW Limited, featuring Pinkie Pie and Applejack! These limited collections are shipping now, and you can get one for the cool cost of $25. For more photos, check the gallery below.


» IDW Limited Announces Limited Edition Pony Lithographs

A few days ago we mentioned that the paintings for IDW’s upcoming Blue Label release of MLP: FiM volume 1 were revealed. With beautiful art by Sara Richard, those with enough luck and cash to get one of the Blue Label editions will be treated with the original painting on canvas. However, there will still be opportunities for you to acquire Richard’s art in some form. A limited run of lithographs of two of the paintings will be up for sale starting today.

The large format, 18 x 24 inch litho prints will be $35 each and will ship starting on July 25th. 

» IDW Limited Blue Label Paintings Revealed

rarity peacock dress hi353

A while back, IDW Limited announced the upcoming black, red, and blue label releases of volume one of the MLP: FiM comics. The blue label edition will come with a unique painting by Sarah Richard, and 29 of the 30 paintings are available for viewing! These are all amazing traditionally painted works on canvas, and each of the thirty blue label packages will come with one.

You can see the complete gallery over at ComicArtFans

» Pony Book Double Feature: IDW Limited Comicfolios and The Elements of Harmony

My Little Pony is invading the printed world, with books of all kinds for you to pick up. From comics to novellas, there’s something for everybody. Today we’ve got two particular examples of printed pony. One is the Elements of Harmony Guidebook, and the other is a IDW Limited Comicfolio. Both target fans, and they’re something new and different. Are these worth your hard earned dollars to pick up? Find out behind the cut.


» IDW Limited Rarity Comicfolio Now Shipping, Fluttershy for Preorder

Fluttershy and Rarity Comicfolios

The folks at IDW Limited have the next releases of the MLP Micro Series Comicfolios ready for you, and they’re featuring the most fair and fabulous of ponies! Rarity and Fluttershy’s editions are coming your way soon. Comicfolios feature a hand constructed special folio and contain a printed copy of the comic and a special print of a select cover for you to display.

Rarity’s comicfolio is shipping today, May 7, and will feature Amy Mebberson’s glamorous cover.

Meanwhile, Fluttershy’s comicfolio is due to ship on May 29 and is available for preorder.

These are not up for preorder, so you must make sure to order them when they’re released. We’ll be sure to remind you when those dates come around!


» Details, Editions, and Quantities on Upcoming IDW Limited Hardcover Release

Last week, we had an exclusive first announcement of IDW Limited’s new hardcover edition of The Return of Queen Chrysalis. Now there’s some more details on exactly how many of each edition will be produced and what art will come with each.

There will be 600 printed of each Red Label, which will be divided into six versions of 100 for each of the Mane Six. So if you have a favorite pony, you can pick up the Red Label set of your choice. The Red Label books come with hand drawn sketch cards from a variety of artists, including those who have worked on Pony like Tony Fleecs and others who haven’t like the above pictured Jennifer Blake. Black Label editions will be limited to 150 copies, and Blue Labels will be limited to 30.

Black Labels will come with original sketches by artists on thick art paper suitable for framing. Confirmed black label artists are Miran Kim, Chris Uminga, and Apricot Mantle.

The 30 Blue labels will each come with an original 11×14 canvas painting by Sarah Richard, whose work you might recognize on some of the Micro Series covers.

If you are unfamiliar with how IDW Limiteds work, these Red/Black/Blue label books are designed to get very high quality editions of the books out there, and the special incentives like new, original artwork that can’t be sourced anywhere else. They are released in limited quantities with prices to match. 

[Source: Non-Sport Update]

» IDW Limited Giving Away Limited Edition Comicfolios

Rainbow Dash Limited

IDW Limited is giving away free Comicfolios, which are special editions of the MLP: FiM Micro Series comics! They come with a special display folio and limited edition artwork as well as a special printed copy of the featured pony’s Micro Series comic.

All you have to do to be entered to win your choice of a My Little Pony Comicfolio is to like IDWLimited on Facebook, tweet it, or share it with others via the sharing tools. You can find all the details on their contest page

» IDW Limited Announces Deluxe Hardcover Editions of “The Return of Queen Chrysalis”

IDW Limited Hardcover

You heard it here first! In a TRS exclusive announcement, IDW Limited is bringing their next Pony product to you, and it’s a big one. IDW Limited will be publishing a hardcover limited deluxe compilation edition of the first arc, The Return of Queen Chrysalis, and it will be available in red, blue, and black labels. Including all the issues from the first arc, each book will be autographed by Katie Cook and Andy Price. Each label will have special artwork included, and the Red Label book will have exclusive sketch cards pictured above by Tim Proctor. The very limited Blue label editions will have original canvas paintings included. Various artists are participating in the limited run’s artwork, which includes Tim Proctor, Sarah Richards, Chris Uminga, Miran Kim, & Agnes Garbowska!

Pricing and release date information has yet to be released, but when it is available, we will keep you updated.