» BronyCon Q&A: M.A. Larson

As part of BronyCon 2013, press members were granted access to a “press conference” style Q&A session with various VIPs. The Round Stable was in attendance. For the first in this series, we present MA Larson!

Sitting in front of a group that could be deemed the fandom press, M.A. Larson is asked about BronyCon, and how it feels to be the center of attention at a convention like this. His answer reflects his attitude:

“It doesn’t make any sense.”


» BronyCon announces M.A. Larson

Bronycon M.A. Larson

BronyCon has a new guest of honor to announce, and it’s show writer Mitch “M.A.” Larson. Larson, writer of such episodes as “Sonic Rainboom,” “Luna Eclipsed,” and “Magical Mystery Cure” will mark his first appearance at BronyCon this summer, joining fellow guests like Nicole Oliver and Andy Price.

BronyCon is being held at the Baltimore Convention Center from August 2-4, 2013. For the complete release, check behind the cut.


» Saturday Con Notes: BronyDays, TrotCon

It’s a Saturday morning, which means a few convention announcements have arrived.

BronyDays in France is pleased to announce two special guests. One is M.A. Larson, show writer, who will be making his first fan event trip to Europe! Larson, writer of episodes like Sonic Rainboom and Luna Eclipsed, will grace France with his presence. In addition, fan animator JanAnimations will be attending the convention as an honored guest. BronyDays is on October 26-27 in Montreuil, France.

Meanwhile, TrotCon has announced their list of musicians Eurobeat Brony, Sonic Breakbeat, DJ Lupo B, Sgt-Whip, Chang31ing, LizardRock, PhillyPu, GreenTintedGoggles, Mogul Dash, SMOR3S, and Steven, A.D. TrotCon will be held on June 14-16 in Columbus, Ohio.

For the complete releases from both cons, check behind the cut.


» Nightmare Nights Dallas Announces Sabrina Alberghetti, M.A. Larson


Nightmare Nights Dallas has a new set of guest announcements for you today, that being Sabrina “Sibsy” Alberghetti and M.A. Larson. Alberghetti is a lead storyboard artist and this is the first con she is attending as an honored guest, while M.A. Larson is best known as  writer of many popular episodes.

Alberghetti and Larson join several guests of honor which include Andrea Libman, Brenda Crichlow, Peter New, James Wootton, and Jim Miller. NMND will be held on November 8-10, 2013 in Dallas, Texas.

For the complete release, check behind the cut.


» LasPegAssist Goes Live


As some of you know know, there was an incident at Las Pegasus Unicon this past weekend, a situation developed where the Guest of Honors (Voice Actors, Writers etc) were unable to be paid by the convention for their efforts in attending the event in Las Vegas. The Round Stable, along with many other websites, conventions, and fan charities have come together to help drive LasPegAssist, a site meant to coordinate the effort to make sure those who were denied comped rooms and charities that were shortchanged get their due.

Donations are sent directly to those in need and the back end is put together by the big players in the community like The Brony Thank-You Fund, Everfree Radio, Equestria Daily, Derpy Hooves News, Celestia Radio, ourselves at TRS, Bronies for Good, and more.

Below is a press release and donation drive to help other guests who were over-charged by the hotel when they were unable to pay a discounted convention rate. Many people were effected with unexpected charges to their accounts.


» Thanks, M.A. Larson! Fans Photoshop Reactions To Season Finale

You might have seen it come up on KnowYourMeme or other sites, and you’ve asked yourself, “Why are pony fans thanking M.A. Larson?” Larson, one of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic scriptwriters, is the subject of numerous new animated GIFs, but why do they all seem so…sarcastic? Read on for the answer, and to learn what Larson thinks of it all.  [WARNING: SEASON FINALE SPOILERS AFTER THE CUT!]


» GalaCon and Bronies for Good Host Kallisti II Event for Charity on January 26

Kallist II Banner

Last month, Bronies for Good and GalaCon held a combined livestream event called Kallisti to help raise funds. They’re back, and the event’s even bigger. Over a dozen artists will be on hand for continuous art stream fun!

Starting at 3 PM Eastern on January 26, the 24 hour stream event will run through with several special guests including Tara Strong, M.A. Larson, Andrea Libman, and Anneli Heed. GalaCon will be opening their ticket sales for their 2013 event during the stream, and there will also be an auction for a 12-inch tall plush of the GalaCon mascot, Canni. Both organizations will be soliciting donations during the event.

All donations during the event and the auction proceeds will be split evenly between Bronies for Good and GalaCon.

The combined viewer can be found at http://events.yoursiblings.org/ and you can tune in right at 3 o’clock.

For a complete list of artists and to see the custom plush for auction, check behind the cut!


» Las Pegasus Unicon Announces M.A. Larson

M.A. Larson M.A. Larson

Yesterday on their twitter, Las Pegasus Unicon announced that Friendship is Magic writer M.A. Larson will be attending the Las Vegas convention, though he will only be there on Friday, February 22.

This will be the third convention for Larson, having previously attended Midwestria and Equestria LA last year. Las Pegasus Unicon will be held on February 22-24, 2013 at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

» Chilling in Chicago: The Midwestria 2012 Con Report

Walking into Pheasant Run resort in St. Charles Illinois on a Friday morning in mid September, one would not expect anything too out of the ordinary. The site is host to a full 18 hole golf course, a beautiful hotel and a conference center. This weekend in particular, there were plans on hosting two wedding celebrations and a business retreat for a group of General Motors executives. Fairly normal when it comes to the types of events here. But there was one other event going on that weekend that none of the others would have expected: a My Little Pony convention, named Midwestria. Look beyond the cut to read about my experience there.

» Equestria LA Announces M.A. Larson

Equestria LA

Good news for attendees of Equestria LA in Los Angeles — FiM writer M.A. Larson will be in attendance! Larson, known for episodes like The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 and The Return of Harmony, will be joining fellow writers Amy Keating Rogers and Cindy Morrow, along with other notable guests like Andrea Libman (Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy) and Brenda Chrichlow (Zecora).

In addition, single-day tickets will go on sale on October 2 at 6 PM Pacific time.

Equestria LA will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California on November 3-4.

For the complete info, check behind the cut.