» Friendship is in the Cards: MLP Collectible Card Game Review

It was to be expected. After the surprise secondary audience demographics, Hasbro has been expanding upon the secondary market, and it was only time until a MLP:FIM collectible card game was produced. A CCG would fill two goals: Primarily, it would be a great way to get girls into the fun world of collectible card games, but it would also appeal to a secondary market as well. This strategy has worked very well for the IDW comics and Enterplay’s earlier trading card efforts. Given the rather high quality that has gone into other nonstandard toyfare such as the vinyl figures, comics, and the like, it should come as no surprise that the CCG holds up to the same standards of quality. It’s not to be mistaken for a simple cash-in kind of game, or an MLP-themed reskin of a Wizards Of The Coast set. The MLP FIM CCG holds an unexpected amount of originality and depth that matches the themes of MLP rather well. Read more beyond the cut.


» [CONTEST] Australian & New Zealand DVD Giveaway

Thanks to the Australian distributor Madman Entertainment, we’ve been graciously gifted four copies of the Season Two Collector’s Boxset and four copies of the Season 2 Volume 2 DVDs to be given away to four lucky Aussies and Kiwis.

contest_bannerdvds Season 2 Limited Edition Collector’s Boxsets

Want to win? It’s easy! All you need to do is comment on this post with your suggestion to the following question, and you’ll be entered in to a random drawing to have a DVD prizepack shipped right to your door, provided you live in either Australia or New Zealand. The question is:

Name an item that could be in Pinkie Pie’s Party Bag.

The contest ends at 11:59pm Australian Eastern Standard Time on Sunday September 15, 2013!

Before you comment, here are some quick rules: Employees of Madman Entertainment are not allowed to enter, and neither are Round Stable staff members. International (that is, outside of Australia or New Zealand) entries are sadly not allowed. Do not enter multiple times, or you will be disqualified. Any entry that does not answer the question will also be disqualified. You must provide a valid email address so that we can contact you.

Prizepack contains: x1 Collector’s Boxset including Season 2 Vol 1 DVD, 5 holiday themed Pony Postcards & x1 Season 2 Vol 2 DVD.

Winners will be announced on the website or you can follow us on twitter (@TheRoundStable) for the results. 

My Little Pony Parlor teaser site goes live?

Astute readers may remember my piece on the Kidada for MLP accessory line on display at the My Little Pony Project’s 2012 New York City engagement.

The suggested spring release didn’t come to pass, but the splash page at mylittleponyparlor.com now promises a “Summer ’13” opening and suggests they’ll be carrying the accessories and themed hair extensions previously shown. Hopefully that means soon because the summer of 13 is almost over!

Coming Summer '13! My Little Pony Parlor

» Merch Madness, My Little Pony Fair Edition: Funrise Plushes, My Little Pony Collector’s Guide

While many bronies were busy attending EverFree Northwest, other pony fans were busy at the My Little Pony Fair 2013 in Indianapolis. Those watching from home got a first taste of the upcoming Funrise plushes due out later this year, thanks to Miss Apples, who posted a number of photos from Funrise’s booth at the fair.

The designs are similar to previous releases, including manes made of fabric strips and foam wings, and include Princesses Celestia, Cadance, and Twilight (but alas, not Luna), as well as fan favorites DJ-PON3, Octavia Melody, Trixie and Cheerilee. Plushes of the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Spike were also shown.

NOTE: All photos originally posted on the missapplessoda tumblr.

Elsewhere at My Little Pony Fair, Priced Nostalgia Press, publishers of the My Little Pony Collector’s Inventory series by Summer Hayes, coordinator of the Fair itself, announced the immediate release of the latest addition to the series, The My Little Pony 2009-2012 Collector’s Inventory, which covers all toy releases made so far in the Friendship is Magic line through 2012. The book is available on Amazon.com today!

The Nostalgia Press press release lies below the cut!


» Season 2, Volume 1 & Season 1 Boxset DVDs Released In Australia

Australian distributor Madman Entertainment have released the the first volume of Friendship Is Magic season 2 on DVD titled The Return of Harmony. The disk includes the first five episodes of the second season with the remainder of the season to be split up in four additional volumes. You can also purchase the Collector’s Edition Box, which comes with Volume 1 plus some extra goodies inside a sturdy cardboard case to house the entire season.

In addition to Season 2 Vol. 1, Madman have re-packaged the five volumes of Season 1 into a Boxset. All DVDs are in region 4, PAL format with 2.0 stereo and 5.1 Dolby surround sound.

Season 2, Volume 2 – Parties & Pets will be released on July 3rd. 

» USA Today Reveals SDCC Exclusive Pony: DJ PON-3

USA Today revealed that this year’s SDCC exclusive will be DJ PON-3 (also known as Vinyl Scratch). In a move to differentiate this year’s model, it will be a large, molded-mane pony as opposed to the brushables of years past. The special edition box lights up and the “adult collectible” will cost you $50.

In addition to the exclusive, Hasbro announced that there will be a MLP: FiM panel at SDCC as well as Hub-related events like a testimonial booth where you can record your own take on who is the best pony. 

» Season 2 Australian DVDs Dated, Season 1 Boxset

The second season of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is about to see it’s Australian release on DVD starting this June thanks to Madman Entertainment. The season will once again be split into five volumes each containing five episodes (except Volume one, which has six) in chronological airing order. As with the first season release, each disk will be in region 4 PAL format with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and Stereo sound.

Volume 1, The Return of Harmony is up for pre-order now and will be hitting shelves on the 19th of June while Volume 2, Parties & Pets will be released July 3rd.

In addition you can now pre-order a limited Collector’s Edition box which comes with Volume 1 and some pony postcard designs (no Toy this time, although this has a lower pricepoint compared to the Season One Collector’s Box)

Madman have also bundled up all the Season One volumes into a single boxset, which will be available in store from June 19th or up for pre-order now. 

[Source: Madman Entertainment]

» MLP: FIM Issue #7 Cover Art

IDW has revealed all of the variant covers for the upcoming Issue #7 MLP:FIM comic book which will go on sale May 16th.

Written by Heather Nufer, art by Amy Mebberson and colours from Heather Breckel; Issue #7 continues the story arc of the mainline comics with the next adventure that our little equines have been tasked with.

You can view preview pages for Issue #7 on iTunes or our website here, or discuss the MLP comics on our forums here.

To read a story synopsis and view the rest of the pretty covers (potential spoilers) click below.