» Full Recording of SDCC Pony Panel Available

Recorded by Kelly over at The Great Rebellion, a complete recording of the 2013 SDCC My Little Pony Panel is now available on Youtube to watch for your enjoyment. If you don’t wan to watch it, you can always refer to our notes from the event, but thanks to this video you can almost experience being there. 

» San Diego Comic Con Report: My Little Pony Feature Panel


San Diego Comic Con Banner

Thanks to our man on the ground, PictishBeast, we have a complete report from today’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic panel at San Diego Comic Con! Photos will be coming soon, but we have a complete transcript of the Q&A as well as the key points (and perhaps spoilers) from the panel.

UPDATE: We now have a photo gallery from the animatic sequences at the end of the post!

UPDATE 2: Blue Ink from DHN, who was also at the con, shared with us a phone camera recording of the panel. We’ll continue to add higher quality clips as they come in.

As always, you can follow along in our forum thread, or read the summary in this post behind the cut.


» San Diego Comic Con Report: IDW Publishing Panel

San Diego Comic Con Banner

PictishBeast, our man on the ground at San Diego Comic Con, has extensive notes and photos from the IDW Publishing panel that went on today. Details include the next comic arcs, micro arcs, the release date for the IDW Limited collection of volume 1, and future plans! For up to the minute photos and reports, you can follow our forum thread for SDCC. Check out behind the cut to see the photos from Pictish and read the details.


» Equestria LA: The Power of Parody Propels You! Panel

Back at Equestria LA 2013, JHaller and I hosted a panel called the Power of Parody Propels You. In the panel, we talked about how to make parodies and what makes great parodies work.¬†Haller and I liked to believe that this was a live-action Round Stable article, so it would only be logical to have it featured up here on the front page. Many thanks go to Brony Clubhouse for recording and posting the panel. The panel is about an hour long, so allow appropriate time to be able to enjoy it. 

Denver Comic Con Pony Comics Panel Recording Now Available


Last weekend was Denver Comic Con, and several contributors to the MLP: FiM comic books were on hand at the show. The convention held a panel specifically for the comic books, and several familiar names were on hand to talk about sequential horsies.

Panelists were Andy Price and Katie Cook from the mainline series, Thom Zahler (author/artist of the Twilight Sparkle Micro) and Tony Fleecs (cover artist and artist for the Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy micros).

To listen to the recording, head over to their site and sit back.

John de Lancie’s Dallas Comic Con Appearance

John de Lancie made an appearance along with Sir Patrick Stewart at the Dallas Comic Con this weekend. As is usual when he makes public appearances these days, the subject of ponies is brought up by ever-present fans. One attendee of the con, DarthBob on Youtube, posted a clip of this panel to YouTube for the benefit of those not attending.

At the panel, John brings up Friendship is Magic to a group of Trek fans, and makes some astute observations that the two groups are not too dissimilar. John’s thoughts about being on the cusp of a new fandom (as opposed to an existing one like Trek) are quite interesting.

You can watch the video behind the cut.

UPDATE: Chef Sandy from Bronyville has provided us with a high quality audio-only recording of the event. Click on the Tindeck link to listen.


Tara Strong Panel at Calgary Expo with Surprise Friend John de Lancie

This weekend the Calgary Expo in Alberta featured Tara Strong in her very own panel. Thanks to Puzzledmint on Youtube, you can still catch up on it even if you weren’t there. Tara responds to general questions about her career as well as many more about ponies, including her talks with Meghan McCarthy about story ideas. Plus, John de Lancie decides to drop by and answer questions about his involvement in season three and his opinions about pony fans.

If you’re not interested in watching but want a summary, the folks over at DerpyHooves have provided a handy summary of the questions and answers in text format. You can check out the video behind the cut.