» Preview, Preorder for MLP: FiM Issue #11 Available

MLP Issue #11 Cover Art by Andy Price

With MLP #10 behind us, we’re ready to start a new arc of pony comics, and the next two issues are ready to go! The first of Neigh Anything, MLP FiM #11, is ready for preorder on iTunes, and as usual it has a small sneak peek for those who want to know more about how Shining Armor and Cadance got together.

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» Preview, Preorder Available on iTunes for Micro Series #8 Princess Celestia

Micro Series #8 Celestia Cover A Micro Series #8 Celestia Cover A

Coming in a few weeks is the next issue in the Micro Series of official IDW comics, featuring none other than Princess Celestia! As per usual, a few weeks ahead of release Apple posts a preview on iTunes with a preorder and some preview pages. Written by newcomer Georgia Ball and drawn by series regular Amy Mebberson, the issue focuses on everyone’s favorite (and perhaps, only) princess of the sun.

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» ComicsAlliance Posts Long Preview of Micro Series #7 Cutie Mark Crusaders

Micro Series #7 Cutie Mark Crusaders Cover Art by Amy Mebberson

It’s been a bit of a lull since we’ve had some new horse comics to chew on, but the next two weeks will solve that problem for us, with the release of the Cutie Mark Crusaders micro and mainline #10! To whet your appetite, ComicsAlliance has posted a longer preview of the next issue, the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ micro series comic! To read the preview, head over to ComicsAlliance. The issue will be released this Wednesday, August 21.

Thanks to Telofy for the heads up. 

Comics Continuum Posts Preview of MLP #9

MLP: FiM #9 Cover MLP: FiM Issue #6 Cover by Andy Price

Though it had a limited release last weekend at San Diego Comic Con, us mere mortals still have yet to acquire the latest issue of the MLP: FiM Comics, #9. To whet the appetite a bit, Comics Continuum has posted their usual pre-release extended preview of the issue.

To check out the long preview, head on over to their site.

» Comics Continuum Posts Extended Micro #6 Preview

Applejack Micro #6 Cover

Comics Continuum has posted their usual IDW Tuesday extended previews, and amongst them is Micro Series #6 featuring Applejack! If you want a peek at what’s going on in the newest issue, written by Bobby Curnow, drawn by Brenda Hickey, and colored by Heather Breckel, head on over to their site for the seven page preview. 

» Entertainment Weekly Posts Exclusive Equestria Girls Clip

Equestria Girls Header

Given that Equestria Girls will be in theaters in about a week, the hype machine has been, relatively speaking, fairly quiet. Entertainment Weekly has posted a preview clip with all new footage, which answers several questions about the upcoming special. As always, if you want to go in blind, don’t watch it.

A youtube version courtesy of our friends at DHN is behind the cut.


» Micro Series #4 Fluttershy Preview and Preorder Up on iTunes

Fluttershy Micro Cover A

Now available on iTunes for preorder, the fourth installment in IDW’s Micro Series comics featuring Fluttershy is coming Real Soon Now! Due on May 30, the Micro comic will be written by Barbara Kesel, drawn by Tony Fleecs, and will feature our favorite animal loving pegasus in twenty two pages of glorious color.

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