» The Many Roads of Betrayal

Today’s featured content comes from longtime forum member The Ghost of Ember!

There have been many posits about the about the theme of the Princess Twilight Sparkle duology. Predominate above them is that this is an episode about Twilight growing up and accepting her new responsibilities and the difficulties that comes with it. There is some of this, on the surface level, but it’s not the real theme of the story.

This is a story about betrayal. Read more to find out.


» TRS Round Table 023: Princess Twilight Sparkle

With the season four premiere behind us, it’s time again for something we haven’t done in almost nine months—an episode Round Table discussion! The TRS Round Table is a group panel discussion about episodes, comics, the fandom, and more. Joining me at the Round Table today are Headless Horse, Opposing Farce, Doodlesplat, Perpetual Lurker, Dexanth, Mr. Big, and ComradeCosmobot. We’re taking an in-depth look at the long awaited season four premiere. You can read our thoughts after the cut.