» Friendship Is Magic Season 3 now on Netflix

Just about one month after the finale aired, season 3 has been added to Netflix for subscribers in the USA. Friendship is Magic has shown good numbers on NetFlix, ranking in their top 10 ‘most watched’ series, ranking as the most popular children’s show and only second to Futurama in animated shows. The inclusion of season 3 means the entire series to this point is available for viewing. 

» In My Time of Pony

We’re almost three weeks removed from “Magical Mystery Cure,” and we’re still talking about it. Sure, the discussion’s not as impassioned as the initial weekend, but it continues. That’s great. We have many months, maybe even a year (!) to speculate about Season 4. So let’s talk about this episode a bit more. It’s funny, all the hype surrounding the episode became suffocating to the point that some wished that the episode would just air already so people would just shut up. If only they knew.

Many reflected on their time with the show, from the first day Twilight landed in Ponyville to her graduation from her studies. It’s been quite an adventure for fans. Here’s just one of those journeys. Apologies if this gets a bit indulgent.


» The Long and Winding Road of Friendship

Today’s featured content is by a relatively new member, Kitty Kate!

On February 16th, 2013, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’s third season ended with the airing of its thirteenth episode. Songs were sung, parties were thrown, and liquid pride was shed. Now, however, the finale has passed, and people have already begun speculating on where the show is headed. Before we get too caught up in arguing about the future, it might pay to slow down and take a more in-depth look at the past, especially in the wake of the last episode—”Magical Mystery Cure.”

“Magical Mystery Cure” is far from the standard that previous episodes have set. Even though a fourth season has already been confirmed, the episode still feels less like the show’s standard fare of episodic comedy and more like an ending. Complaints have been raised that the episode felt rushed, and opinions are divided on certain major changes to the show’s dynamic introduced by this episode. However, Magical Mystery Cure does more than end a season—it marks the end of a journey, a dawn of a new one, and a grand finale to everything we’ve seen before.


» TRS Round Table 013: Magical Mystery Cure

Welcome back to another rousing edition of TRS Round Table! This edition examines “Magical Mystery Cure,” the episode of Friendship is Magic that first aired on February 16, 2013. TRS Round Table is our group analysis and chat about the episode, and maybe you’ll learn something new or look at it in a different light. Joining the Round Table today are Wayoshi, ComradeCosmobot, drunkill, Headless Horse, BartonFunk, and KefkaFloyd. Find out our thoughts beyond the cut.


» Entertainment Weekly Posts “Magical Mystery Cure” Preview Clip

Twilight Rocks!

For the last time in season three, Entertainment Weekly has their exclusive preview clip up on their site. The finale of season 3, “Magical Mystery Cure,” will air on Saturday, February 16 at 10:30 AM Eastern.

Behind the cut we have an embedded youtube version from our friends at DerpyHooves behind the cut. If you don’t want to be spoiled, then cruise on out of here.


» TV Guide Releases “Magical Mystery Cure” Preview Clip

The hype train is gearing up, and today, the first part of the preview onslaught beings. Today, TV Guide released an exclusive clip from this weekend’s season finale, “Magical Mystery Cure.”

To watch the clip, head on over to TV Guide to watch. As always, this is a spoiler, so if you don’t want to see it, don’t look. A Youtube copy ripped by our friends at DerpyHoovesNews can be found behind the cut.


» The Hub Airs New “Magical Mystery Cure” Season Finale Promo

Twilight Rocks!

Today during its morning programming the Hub aired a new ad promoting next week’s season 3 finale, “Magical Mystery Cure!” We’ve got it ripped in high quality and ready to go on Youtube just for you.

As always, these are spoilers, so if you don’t want to see it, pass on by. If you do, check behind the cut!


» Entertainment Weekly Posts “Games Ponies Play” Preview Clip

Rainbow Dash Jouster

Entertainment Weekly has their usual Friday preview clip up, as they are not deterred by the Snowbracabra attacking the northeast! You can see it on their site or a youtube embed below the cut courtesy of our friends at DerpyHoovesNews! As always, these are spoilers, so if you want to see it, you’re warned!


» ComicsOnline Posts “Games Ponies Play” Preview Clip

She doesn't go anywhere without it.

If the clip you got earlier today wasn’t enough, ComicsOnline has posted their own preview clip for this weekend’s episode, “Games Ponies Play.” You can catch it on Blip.TV, or you can check out ComicsOnline’s original article. As mentioned before, these are spoilers, so if you don’t want to see, don’t look! 

» Thanks, M.A. Larson! Fans Photoshop Reactions To Season Finale

You might have seen it come up on KnowYourMeme or other sites, and you’ve asked yourself, “Why are pony fans thanking M.A. Larson?” Larson, one of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic scriptwriters, is the subject of numerous new animated GIFs, but why do they all seem so…sarcastic? Read on for the answer, and to learn what Larson thinks of it all.  [WARNING: SEASON FINALE SPOILERS AFTER THE CUT!]