» TRS Round Table 013: Magical Mystery Cure

Welcome back to another rousing edition of TRS Round Table! This edition examines “Magical Mystery Cure,” the episode of Friendship is Magic that first aired on February 16, 2013. TRS Round Table is our group analysis and chat about the episode, and maybe you’ll learn something new or look at it in a different light. Joining the Round Table today are Wayoshi, ComradeCosmobot, drunkill, Headless Horse, BartonFunk, and KefkaFloyd. Find out our thoughts beyond the cut.


» TV Guide Releases “Magical Mystery Cure” Preview Clip

The hype train is gearing up, and today, the first part of the preview onslaught beings. Today, TV Guide released an exclusive clip from this weekend’s season finale, “Magical Mystery Cure.”

To watch the clip, head on over to TV Guide to watch. As always, this is a spoiler, so if you don’t want to see it, don’t look. A Youtube copy ripped by our friends at DerpyHoovesNews can be found behind the cut.


» Thanks, M.A. Larson! Fans Photoshop Reactions To Season Finale

You might have seen it come up on KnowYourMeme or other sites, and you’ve asked yourself, “Why are pony fans thanking M.A. Larson?” Larson, one of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic scriptwriters, is the subject of numerous new animated GIFs, but why do they all seem so…sarcastic? Read on for the answer, and to learn what Larson thinks of it all.  [WARNING: SEASON FINALE SPOILERS AFTER THE CUT!]


» Entertainment Weekly Article Discusses Pony Season Finale

Twilight Rocks!

Are you dying to hear more about the season finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? If you’re following this (or other) news site(s), you probably are. Have you been hearing rumors floating around? Well, we have too, and the cat’s out of the bag. Meghan McCarthy talks to Entertainment Weekly’s Family Room about the season finale and what’s in store for ponies in the future.

This article is pretty spoilery, as it talks about the premise of the finale as well as upcoming tie-in toys. If you don’t want to know, don’t read it! There’s also new toys to tie-in, which you can find in the article as well. We have the toy images and spoilery details behind the cut.


» New info for Australian DVD release; Volume 3 dated

New information regarding the previously featured Australian My Little Pony DVD release by Madman Entertainment has emerged. A third volume in the first season release has been named and dated and the collector’s case has new box art, pony decorative cards and a toy. Check out the images and details below the cut.


» Season Two Finale Remix Roundup

It’s been almost a month since the second season finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, so by now it’s fairly safe to say that all of Hasbro’s bets on “A Canterlot Wedding” paid off. Not only did it set ratings records on The Hub, but it’s setting records for fandom reaction. No doubt you have already noticed the fast rate which Queen Chrysalis art appears , but so too has there been an explosion in musical remixes and covers of Daniel Ingram’s latest works from the finale. One song in particular, titled “This Day Aria”, stirred up a lot of action in the fan community as of late. Let’s take a quick peek into what’s out there for those of you who find yourselves lost in a new unexplored sea of content.


» Love is In Bloom – Extended Cut

Just after the Season Two final aired Daniel Ingram (Composer for FiM) tweeted there was an extended cut of Love Is In bloom, the song at the end of A Canterlot Wedding Part 2. Today Hasbro has released the extended cut and you can find it as a video on youtube below:

Thanks to Wayoshi for the tip. 

[Source: Youtube user Bunie1989]

» Commentary: Love Is Magic

Seeing a fresh new episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic live with friends is a whole different experience from seeing it on a computer screen or a phone in stolen furtive moments. It’s even more of a unique experience when it’s an episode as remarkable as A Canterlot Wedding.

If you don’t know better, you might come out of it thinking you’ve just been to the movie theater.

Whereas M.A. Larson’s “The Return of Harmony”—a perennial fan favorite and a defining moment of the show at its giddiest and most vibrant phase of growth—was packed with frenetic, non-stop humor like an overgrown weekly episode, “A Canterlot Wedding” is given to the show’s new helmsman going forward, Meghan McCarthy, whose touch with humor is less subversive and more immersive than Larson’s. What’s more, the script tacks in a new direction for the show, aiming for new kinds of scenes with new kinds of direction and staging. Scenes are introspective, intimate, and unrushed, and they aren’t afraid to spend a little time developing the tone of the narrative toward tension and foreboding, without being laced with humor or used as a bridge to more comedy. In short, this pair of episodes plays like a feature film—if the series began with magical-girl and Super Sentai tropes, and Discord made his appearance in a two-parter built around tongue-in-cheek satiric comedy, this towering finale is paced and shot like a Disney film from the 1990s. As this period was known as Disney’s “new golden age”, this is meant as high praise.

What follows is a disconnected set of thoughts and reactions gleaned from a rewatch of the episode following a couple of days spent digesting the intensity of the events that were revealed live in front of fans everywhere, introduced and commentated upon by an uncomfortable-looking Tori Spelling gamely trying to interact with pasted-in ponies. Without those awkward interstitials, the episodes take on even more cohesiveness; and viewed back-to-back without the “Previously…” retrospective, this effect is stronger still. In the end, what we’re left with is the thought that even if Friendship is Magic never does get a feature film, “A Canterlot Wedding” shows us pretty vividly what one would look like.

On with the show.


» Season Finale Sets Hub Ratings Records

All of Hasbro’s promotional efforts for the season finale look to have paid off! Nearly half a million people tuned in live to watch the finale, according to Nielsen estimates. The first half of the finale set Hub ratings records among children 2-11, children 6-11, and households. It also placed second all-time among persons 2+. The second half of the finale trailed only the first half among children 6-11 and households, and was the third highest rated show in network history among children 2-11.  The success of the finale paced Hub to its second best Saturday ever.

Other shows that appear to be performing strongly are The Aquabats! Super Show!, which came in second for the day with a series high of more than 300,000 viewers, Transformers: Prime, and Dan Vs. 

[Source: 4Traders Results]

The Onion AV Club Reviews Season Finale

The Onion AV Club, one of the first significant sites to formally review the show early last year, is back with a review of the season finale. They give the episodes an A-, which is a very high score for the site. There’s also a remarkably extensive writeup where the author discusses his thoughts on the adult fan phenomenon.

Thanks to forum member LondonArbuckle for pointing this one out!