» TV Guide Releases “Magical Mystery Cure” Preview Clip

The hype train is gearing up, and today, the first part of the preview onslaught beings. Today, TV Guide released an exclusive clip from this weekend’s season finale, “Magical Mystery Cure.”

To watch the clip, head on over to TV Guide to watch. As always, this is a spoiler, so if you don’t want to see it, don’t look. A Youtube copy ripped by our friends at DerpyHoovesNews can be found behind the cut.


» The Hub Releases Season 3 Finale Party Kit

Twilight Rocks!

Like they did for the Season 2 finale, The Hub has released a party and activity kit on their website for fans and families to help “celebrate” the end of season 3. Much like the season 2 party kit, it contains recipe cards for punch and cake, new coloring pages, an activity book, and some cut-outs.

The contents of the kit are very mild spoilers, but if you’re up to using one of these you’re probably buying into the hype machine anyway. 

» Entertainment Weekly Article Discusses Pony Season Finale

Twilight Rocks!

Are you dying to hear more about the season finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? If you’re following this (or other) news site(s), you probably are. Have you been hearing rumors floating around? Well, we have too, and the cat’s out of the bag. Meghan McCarthy talks to Entertainment Weekly’s Family Room about the season finale and what’s in store for ponies in the future.

This article is pretty spoilery, as it talks about the premise of the finale as well as upcoming tie-in toys. If you don’t want to know, don’t read it! There’s also new toys to tie-in, which you can find in the article as well. We have the toy images and spoilery details behind the cut.


» Entertainment Weekly Posts Preview Clip for “Apple Family Reunion”

It’s Friday morning, and you know what that means–the folks over at Entertainment Weekly have posted their exclusive preview clip for this week’s episode, “Apple Family Reunion”! You can watch the clip over at their site. Be mindful that these are, of course, spoilers, so don’t watch if you don’t want to!

If you’d like to see a copy on Youtube, our friends over at DerpyHooves have it ripped for you. We’ve got it embedded behind the cut.


» Entertainment Weekly “One Bad Apple” Preview Video

Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle

Entertainment Weekly looks to be getting weekly video preview clips for the upcoming episodes on a regular basis, and this week is no exception. They’ve posted their exclusive preview clip from this Saturday’s episode, “One Bad Seed.”

A fair warning, this clip is one of the major spectacles from the episode, and is of course a spoiler. If you still want to see it, check behind the cut for a youtube version from our friends over at DerpyHooves.


» [UPDATE] Season 3 Spoiler Commercials

During the airing of The Crystal Kingdom Parts 1 & 2 The Hub aired a number of promo clips for various Season 3 episodes during the ad breaks. Youtuber has uploaded two such clips already. We’ll update this post as more come in.


A very short third version (with some new shots) has popped up on hubworld.com as a pre-video ad.

Because of the nature of the clips we’ll be hiding spoilers behind the cut for your safety:


» S03E05: Magic Duel: Synopsis Revealed

Twilight Rocks!

If you’ve been wondering what Season 3 episode Magic Duel is going to be about, TV listings site Zap2It now has the synopsis live, ready to whet your taste buds. It’s here, and it’s a pretty clear indicator of what’s going to happen in the episode. It’s sort of spoilery, so if you don’t want to see such things, then avoid, otherwise, check behind the cut!


» Two Season 3 clips emerge


The HUB have released two clips from Season 3 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic via the website pixelatedgeek.com.  This weekends San Diego ComiCon has featured plenty of pony things already including a voice actors panel which included the first clip. We hope to post a video and breakdown of the panel once a video of it emerges online.

These two contain season 3 spoilers and will be hidden below the cut, you have been warned:


» [UPDATED] Season Finale Preview Clips

io9.com, a website dedicated to the erstwhile genre of science fiction, has posted a preview clip of the season finale. This isn’t just a promo, but an actual episode preview. If you fear spoilers, then you’d best not go there. Otherwise, for a small whetting of the appetite, you can check out the clip on their site.

Thanks to forums poster naahdude for alerting us!

[UPDATE] Next, TVWeb posts a snippet as well. At this rate the entire finale will be done ahead of time. This time, it was Wayoshi who posted it. Sometimes even the spoiler thread moves faster than the front page! 

[Source: io9.com and TVWeb]