» Equestria Girls Premieres at LA Film Festival, Hits Select Cinemas


My Little Pony: Equestria Girls debuted at the Los Angeles Film Festival yesterday afternoon featuring a large event for kids and parents alike. Some of the talent behind the spinoff attended with Tara Strong (Twilight Sparkle), Cathy Weseluck (Spike), writer Meghan McCarthy and composer Daniel Ingram performing a few sing-alongs and book readings before the big premiere.

From today a limited theatrical run of the movie will screen at select cinemas around the country, you can find your local screening here. A DVD and Blu-ray will be released August 6th, 2013 and the movie will air on The Hub sometime this Autumn.

You can join the discussion if you’ve already seen it in the Equestria Girls subforum of our forums here. 

» Convention Roundup: Nightmare Nights Dallas, Big Apple Ponycon

A few convention announcements came in, and we’ve got them here for you to peruse!

Firstly, Nightmare Nights Dallas is debuting this November. Held at the Crown Plaza Suites in Dallas, TX on November 8-10, Nightmare Nights already has several guests confirmed for its event, including: Andrea Libman, Peter New, Brenda Crichlow, James Wootton, PixelKitties, and Sophiecabra. So if you’re looking for a late-year event to get your pony party on, you have another opportunity.

Meanwhile, Big Apple Ponycon, which will be here in just about two weeks, also has two big announcements. First, the Double Rainboom team will be attending the con and will air half of the upcoming fan-made episode, along with a Q&A panel.

Second, Tara Strong’s new single, Take My Hand, will make its debut at BAP, and one hundred signed copies of the CD with art by Egophiliac will be up for sale.

For the complete releases from both events, check behind the cut.


» Tara Strong Withdraws from Big Apple Ponycon


Some bad news for those looking to attend Big Apple Ponycon: Tara Strong, one of the headline guests of the event, has decided to cancel her appearance. Due to the aftermath of Las Pegasus Unicon and recent personal events, Tara has decided to review her appearances at conventions and other events, and will be scaling back her trips to conventions of all stripes considerably in 2013, per her twitter.

Tara will fulfill purchased autograph vouchers by sending signed headshots, and she will try to make an appearance via Skype. BAP is currently reviewing refund policies for anyone who may not want to attend the con after this news.

For the complete release from BAP, check behind the cut.


» Unicon Las Pegasus panels interrupted by fire alarm[Update]

In what possibly may be a repeat of the Bronycon 2012 event, a fire alarm has gone off at Unicon Las Pegasus interrupting the Voice Actors panels and forcing attendees to evacuate the building.

The panel disrupted was ‘The Mane-iacs: Three Ponies, Three Princesses, and a Dragon’ featuring Andrea Libman, Cathy Weseluck, Nicole Oliver, Tabitha St. Germain and Tara Strong.


It seems the fire alarm was false, triggered by someone opening an alarmed firedoor. Sadly the VA panel will be cut short and only Nicole Oliver and Andrea Libman were able to continue a short session of questions after everybody was allowed back inside. Other events will continue was planned. You can watch Everfree Networks livestream of the convention here. Archives of the panels will be up on Youtube at a later date. 

» Bronies: The Documentry & Extra Content Blu-ray Release

Bronies: The Documentary is now available on DVD and Blu-ray, not only is the base movie which has been on sale digitally since last month out on blu-ray but the extended interviews with Lauren Faust, Tara Strong and John DeLancie are being sold on a separate disk with three hours of content.

While the main documentary may or may not be your cup of tea, the extended interview with Lauren Faust looks like it will contain a lot of insights to the initial creation of the show and might be worth the price alone.

To see a glimpse of those interviews check out the new trailer. 

[Source: via The Daily Oat]

Finale Interviews: Tara Strong, Daniel Ingram

Over the past week, there’s been several interviews with two people who have been a major focus of yesterday’s season finale.

Tara Strong spoke with The Mary Sue about Twilight’s future after the finale.

Well the good news is, Twilight is going to stay Twilight. She is overwhelmed and surprised and grateful for this new phase in her life but it’s not going to change how she is or how she interacts with her friends, she’s staying in Ponyville. I’m certainly not changing any of my performance and it’s really the same Twilight except she can do more stuff now. She can fly…it’s not going to change the overall feel of the show, she’s going to be with the Mane 6. It’s just Twilight but a little bit better, she can do more stuff! But overall, it’s not really going to change that much. I think that’s what everybody’s afraid of, that it’s going to change sort of that core element that everyone fell in love with these six characters and that’s not going to change at all. I’m not changing a thing about my performance.

Tara also stopped by StarPulse to talk about the finale as well.

Meanwhile, Daniel Ingram sat down with both Just Us Geeks and Geekscape to talk about his (and Steffan Andrews’) role in making the finale a musical.

» GalaCon and Bronies for Good Host Kallisti II Event for Charity on January 26

Kallist II Banner

Last month, Bronies for Good and GalaCon held a combined livestream event called Kallisti to help raise funds. They’re back, and the event’s even bigger. Over a dozen artists will be on hand for continuous art stream fun!

Starting at 3 PM Eastern on January 26, the 24 hour stream event will run through with several special guests including Tara Strong, M.A. Larson, Andrea Libman, and Anneli Heed. GalaCon will be opening their ticket sales for their 2013 event during the stream, and there will also be an auction for a 12-inch tall plush of the GalaCon mascot, Canni. Both organizations will be soliciting donations during the event.

All donations during the event and the auction proceeds will be split evenly between Bronies for Good and GalaCon.

The combined viewer can be found at http://events.yoursiblings.org/ and you can tune in right at 3 o’clock.

For a complete list of artists and to see the custom plush for auction, check behind the cut!


» Big Apple Ponycon Opens Registration, Announces Tara Strong

Big Apple Ponycon

With the move of Bronycon down to Baltimore to a bigger venue, a new convention has sprung up in the New York area to serve NYC metro residents. Big Apple Ponycon will be held at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn, NY on March 23-24, 2013. Joining the list of honored guests is Tara Strong, voice of Twilight Sparkle. Fan organizations like Bronies for Good and the Traveling Pony Museum will also be there. Registration is $50 for early registrants, and goes up to $60 later.

For the complete release, check behind the cut.


Buy Tara Strong and Twilightlicious Merch, Help Kids with Cancer

If you follow @tarastrong on Twitter you’ve probably heard of Kiki, the 7 year old girl with a stage 4 brain tumor. Tara’s helped raise over $40k for Kiki’s treatment through her tweets to followers, now she’s launched taralicious.com offering her headshots, Twilightlicious swag, custom phone recordings, and other items for sale, all autographed.  A portion of each sale goes to benefit causes such as Kiki’s Cancer Fund, The Amazing Gray Fund, Hartman House, and the Mary Duque Juniors who support the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.  Check out Tara’s full message behind the cut.


» FOB Equestria Interview Collection

FOB Equestria

The fellows over at FOB Equestria, the site run by fans that are members of armed forces, have been posting interviews that they took back at Canterlot Gardens. There’s several interviews with show staff along with some of the non-pony guests of honor.

Grey DeLisle (nobody on ponies, but best known as Princess Azula, Mandy, etc)
Amy Keating Rogers – Writer on Season 1 and 2 of MLP: FiM
Britt McKillip
(Princess Cadence)
Tara Strong
(Twilight Sparkle)
Lee Tockar (Snips, Steven Magnet)
Cathy Weseluck
(Spike, Mayor Mare)
Andrew W.K. (Noted party animal) 

[Source: FOB Equestria]