» Buckeye Blitz! Trotcon 2014

Trotcon returned from June 20th to 22nd of 2014 for it’s third year and biggest event yet, set as always in Columbus Ohio. For the first time, the event broke 1,000 attendees! With show guests M. A. Larson, Peter New, and Andrea Libman, IDW comic colorist Heather Breckel, as well as playing host to the wedding of the con chair, Trotcon was a whirlwind weekend of fun and friendship! Read on for the full (albeit long-delayed) writeup! [READ MORE]

» TrotCon Returns for 2014

TrotCon 2014 Banner

While the con season of 2013 is winding down, the future of 2014 is only beginning. TrotCon, normally held in Columbus, Ohio, has announced its dates and venue for a 2014 event. It will return to the Sheraton Columbus at Capitol Square in Columbus, Ohio on June 20-22nd. The registration fee will be an affordable $35, while a new raft of sponsor ranks have been announced going all the way up to $500. In addition to opening their registration, they also have their first special guest announcement, and it’s popular fan musician Eurobeat Brony.

For an overview of the 2013 event, you can check out our coverage. For the complete release, you can look behind the cut.


» Ponies in the Buckeye State: Trotcon 2013 Retrospective

The 2013 Summer Pony Convention circuit continued June 14th-16th with TrotCon, held at the Sheraton hotel in downtown Columbus, Ohio. This is the second TrotCon, following last year’s debut event. Year one, located at the Ohio Union of the Ohio State University, drew 700 attendees. Year two increased that number to over 900, and if this weekend was anything to go by, the 2014 Trotcon will only be bigger and better. What happened in the backyard of OSU? Read more to find out.

» TrotCon Announces Events Schedule and VIP Dinner Update

TrotCon 2013

TrotCon will be held in just two weeks, on June 14-16 at the Sheraton at Capitol Square in Columbus, Ohio. The team behind the con have unveiled their schedule of events, which is jam-packed all weekend long. Notable events include panels featuring honored guests like Dave Polsky, Peter New and Heather Breckel, gaming panels, music panels, and more.

In addition, those who registered for Sponsor Badges need to RSVP to the dinner information email so that they can be added to the guest list, otherwise they may not be able to attend.

Attention all you amazing sponsor badge holders! We have sent out information about the VIP dinner to the email you registered with. Please reply to the email before June 12th, 2013. If you do not RSVP you may not be able to attend the dinner, as we have to give a final count to the restaurant by the 12th.

If you end up missing the VIP dinner, don’t worry: there will be other exclusive chances to meet our guests throughout the weekend.

See you all in less than two weeks! 

» Saturday Con Notes: BronyDays, TrotCon

It’s a Saturday morning, which means a few convention announcements have arrived.

BronyDays in France is pleased to announce two special guests. One is M.A. Larson, show writer, who will be making his first fan event trip to Europe! Larson, writer of episodes like Sonic Rainboom and Luna Eclipsed, will grace France with his presence. In addition, fan animator JanAnimations will be attending the convention as an honored guest. BronyDays is on October 26-27 in Montreuil, France.

Meanwhile, TrotCon has announced their list of musicians Eurobeat Brony, Sonic Breakbeat, DJ Lupo B, Sgt-Whip, Chang31ing, LizardRock, PhillyPu, GreenTintedGoggles, Mogul Dash, SMOR3S, and Steven, A.D. TrotCon will be held on June 14-16 in Columbus, Ohio.

For the complete releases from both cons, check behind the cut.


» Convention Roundup: TrotCon, BronyCAN


TrotCon 2013 has announced some guest attendance changes for the convention next month. Joining the guest lineup are FIM writer Dave Polsky and voice actor Peter New. Sadly Lee Tokar will not be appearing at the convention due to a scheduling conflict his Emmy nomination awards night, best of luck Lee!


Meanwhile, prolific voice actor Tabitha St. Germain will be attending the inaugural BronyCan convention this August in British Columbia, Canada.

You can read the two announcements in full below:


» TrotCon Announces New Guests, Friendship Discounts

TrotCon 2013

The folks at TrotCon have some news for you. First, if you have already registered for the convention, you can use your email to get a friendship code to give to your friends who have not yet registered to discount their badges from $35 to $30, and even net you a small discount on your own badge.

In addition, they have announced Youtubers Unanimous Delivers and SgtScrubNoob as special guests. They will be hosting panels and discussing their roles in the Youtube side of the fandom.

TrotCon is held on June 14-16 at the Sheraton Columbus at Capital Square in Columbus, Ohio.

You can find both releases behind the cut.


» TrotCon Announces First Wave of Musicians

TrotCon 2013

TrotCon will be having its own special music event, and they’ve got the first wave of artists lined up! Seventh Element, Additive Subtractive, F3nning, and Solrac are all scheduled to perform at the Ohio convention.

TrotCon 2013 will be held from June 14-16 at the Sheraton Capitol Square in Columbus, Ohio. For the complete info, check behind the cut.


» Saturday Convention Notes: TrotCon, Fiesta Equestria! Announce Guests

TrotCon will have the excellent Lee Tockar, voice of Snips, Steven Magnet, and leader of the excellent Fanbuilt project. But that’s not all—the fabulous Heather Breckel will be joining him! Heather is the colorist behind the MLP: FiM comics, and will be on hand at the Ohio con to talk about her work. Lastly, fanartist Willdrawforfood1 is on hand as a special artist guest.

Meanwhile, Fiesta Equestria! in Houston has announced that Kelly Metzger, Maryke Hendrikse, and Sam Vincent will be attending their convention. Metzger (voice of Spitfire), Hendrikse (voice of Gilda), and Vincent (voice of Flim) will join fandom guests SaberSpark and PaleoSteno of BronyBreakdown and ChaoticBrony as newly announced guests for the Texas convention.

In addition, their Vinyl Scratch Dance Floor music event is now open for musician registration.

For the complete releases from both conventions, check behind the cut.


» Tuesday Convention Notes

Convention Roundup

There’s a duo of convention announcements for your perusal today, both slated for this summer.

In Ohio, TrotCon 2013 is ready to go on June 14-16 at the Sheraton at Capitol Square in Columbus, OH. Registration is open and starts at $30 for the whole event.

In Nashville, TN, Sweet Apple Acres has announced dates and venue for their 2013 gathering: July 12-14, 2013 at the Millennium Maxwell House in Nashville. Their registration starts at $35 and they have several bonus levels as well.

For complete details on both events, check behind the cut.