» Double Rainboom Released on Youtube

For those who have been keeping track of fan animation projects, Double Rainboom is the first full episode length fan animation based on the characters from the show. After a year’s worth of development, it has finally been released, with over 5,000 fans watching its premiere on Everfree Network.

Last year we intereviewed the director, Zachary Rich, about the project. You can find the youtube version of the video embedded here. 

» Princess Twilight Sparkle DVD & German Season 1 Blu-ray

Another episode compilation disk from ShoutFactory has been revealed, this time based around Twilight Sparkle while the (region free) German season 1 Blu-ray set with English and German audio tracks has some new information.

Read below to get the scoop regarding each release.


» Stay Pony My Friends – New Hub General Promo

The Hub have released a new promo video for the show, referencing the Dos Equis ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ advertising campaign with a possible nod towards the videos of community member Dustykat. 

[Source: HUBTVNETWORK on Youtube]

» PMV MIA? Not anymore: A Look at PMVToday

Over the past year and a half that I’ve been participating in the MLP:FIM community I have observed the many different ways that fans have been able to express their appreciation of the show through various forms of creativity. Ranging from the mountain of artwork we’ve had so far to woodcarved figures showing characters mimicing actions from the show, it’s astounding from a simple variety standpoint to see what people are making with MLP listed as the inspiration. Over time, some of the bigger genres of fan work have garnered their own sub communities and internet sites to showcase work from that specific genre, and often these sites have message boards where people can discuss them in length. Multiple booru site have popped up becoming the main domains of artwork, FIMFiction.net has become a hub for MLP fan fiction, and MyLittleRemix is the destination for experienced and aspiring musicians of the fandom. But there is another side of the fandom that up until recently, did not receive its own type of sub community spotlight. Of course I am referring to PMVs, short for Pony Music Videos, and the website in question PMVToday, is the guilty party in deciding that this genre is important enough to get its own online home. Read more about it behind the cut.


» New Hub Ponies Promo Video Features Upcoming Episode Tidbits

Fluttershy Flapping

With new episodes of ponies due very soon—the next new episode is due on January 19 with more to follow in the coming weeks)—The Hub’s readying the hype machine in their usual way. Today a new combination promo for upcoming episodes aired on the channel, and we’ve got a recording for you! These are probably considered the minorest of spoilers, so if you really don’t want to see a couple very tiny clips, then don’t click the read more. But if you want to get your dose of hype, I’ve recorded the promo and uploaded it to Youtube. check behind the cut for a video!


» Netflix Canada Now Streaming Friendship is Magic Seasons 1 and 2

Netflix Logo

Good news for our compatriots up in the Great White North—My Little Pony is now available for instant streaming on Netflix in Canada! That link works across regions, but it should now work in Canada. Both seasons one and two are available on the streaming service in glorious high definition. With the release of Region one DVDs and now Netflix streaming available, Canadians have even more options for watching ponies.

Thanks to CapacitorPlague for informing us! 

» [UPDATE] Season 3 Spoiler Commercials

During the airing of The Crystal Kingdom Parts 1 & 2 The Hub aired a number of promo clips for various Season 3 episodes during the ad breaks. Youtuber has uploaded two such clips already. We’ll update this post as more come in.


A very short third version (with some new shots) has popped up on hubworld.com as a pre-video ad.

Because of the nature of the clips we’ll be hiding spoilers behind the cut for your safety:


» Eight Minute Preview of The Crystal Empire Released

Today various cable and satellite providers released an 8 minute preview of the season 3 opener, The Crystal Empire Part 1 on their On Demand services.  There are obviously spoilers, so if you’re dead set on avoiding them, steer clear.  Otherwise go view the video after the break.

Update 1: Replaced video with a higher quality source, see below.