» BronyCon Announces Nicole Oliver

Nicole Oliver Banner

Good news for those attending BronyCon: Princess Celestia will be there! Nicole Oliver, the voice of Princess Celestia and Cheerilee, will be attending the largest pony fan gathering. This marks her third BronyCon, after attending the January and June events last year.

BronyCon will be held on August 2-4 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

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» 2nd Annual Behind The Voice Actor Award Winners


The 2nd Annual Behind The Voice Actor Awards took place this week and the winners list has just been announced. The voices behind My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic didn’t take out an editors choice award but were able to win two fan favorite awards plus a number of other nominations.

The cast of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic voice actors won the fan poll for ‘Best Vocal Ensemble in a Television Series – Children’s/Educational‘. Those included in the cast award are Ashleigh Ball, Tabitha St Germain, Tara Strong, Andrea Libman, Cathy Weseluck, Nicole Oliver, Michelle Creber, Madeleine Peters, Claire Corlett and Peter New.

Britt McKillip won the Peoples Choice vote in the ‘Best Female Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Guest Role‘ category for her role as Princess Mi Amore ‘Cadence’ Cadenza.

The winners of the ‘General’ awards are announced tomorrow, with Tara Strong being nominated for ‘Female Voice Actress of the Year‘ and Claire Corlett nominated for ‘Best Female Vocal Performance by a Child‘ as Sweetie Belle.

You can find the full list of winners here. 

[Source: BVTA]

» Tabitha St. Germain Returns to Everfree Northwest


Everfree Northwest has announced that Tabitha St. Germain will be attending the convention in Seattle this July. The voice of Rarity, Princess Luna, Granny Smith and other characters, Tabitha made her first MLP convention appearance last year at EFNW and it seems she’s keen to have another weekend of fun this year too. She will be joining other guests at this years event at the SeaTac Airport Hilton Hotel and Coference Centre in Seattle from July 5th-7th.

If you wish to submit art, stories or other items for the convention handbook you’ll have until May 5th to do so.

For more information you can read the full press release below:


» BronyCon Announces Lee Tockar

Lee Tockar Bronycon Banner

The folks at BronyCon have a new announcement for you: Lee Tockar as their newest guest of Honor. Tockar, the voice of Snips, Stephen Magnet, and others is the first voice actor to be confirmed attending the con.

BronyCony will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD on August 2-4.

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» More Japanese My Little Pony Localization Cast Revealed


Two more high profile voice actors have been announced by Hasbro during a press event to help bring the show to Japan. On April 2nd My Little Pony ~Tomodachi wa Mahō~, a localized dub will begin broadcasting on TV Tokyo; a major television station in the country.

Forums user The Doctor has the skinny in this morning’s threadMiyuki Sawashiro (Galaxy Angel’s Mint) will voice Twilight Sparkle, and Emiri Katō (Lucky Star’s Kagami) will voice Fluttershy. They will both be joining the previously announced cast members including Kitta Izumi (Rainbowdash), Tokui Sora (Applejack), Sasaki Mikoi (Rarity), Motoko Kumai (Spike), Kikuko Inoue (Princess Celestia) and Mimori Suzuko (Pinkie Pie) who will also sing the shows theme song for the Japanese localization.

Hasbro have selected a star studded cast for the local dub with these names being quite famous in the Japanese voice acting community.

You can see some images of the event below:


» Equestria LA Announces Andrea Libman, Brenda Crichlow As Guests & Special Hotel Perks


EQLA 2013 Banner

Equestria LA has announced its next two guests of honor, Andrea Libman (Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy) and Brenda Crichlow (Zecora) who will be joining the previously announced voice actors Nicole Oliver, Cathy Weseluck, and Michelle Creber.

EQLA will be held on May 10-12 at the Anaheim Marriott in Anaheim, CA. For the complete release, check behind the cut.


» Equestria LA Announces Nicole Oliver

Nicole Oliver Nicole Oliver

The folks at Equestria LA have some big news—Nicole Oliver, voice of Princess Celestia, is joining their list of honored guests! This will be Oliver’s first time attending the southern California show, and the first confirmed voice actor attending EQLA.

EQLA is being held on May 10-12 at the Anaheim Marriott in Anaheim, California. Check below the cut for the full release.


» LasPegAssist Goes Live


As some of you know know, there was an incident at Las Pegasus Unicon this past weekend, a situation developed where the Guest of Honors (Voice Actors, Writers etc) were unable to be paid by the convention for their efforts in attending the event in Las Vegas. The Round Stable, along with many other websites, conventions, and fan charities have come together to help drive LasPegAssist, a site meant to coordinate the effort to make sure those who were denied comped rooms and charities that were shortchanged get their due.

Donations are sent directly to those in need and the back end is put together by the big players in the community like The Brony Thank-You Fund, Everfree Radio, Equestria Daily, Derpy Hooves News, Celestia Radio, ourselves at TRS, Bronies for Good, and more.

Below is a press release and donation drive to help other guests who were over-charged by the hotel when they were unable to pay a discounted convention rate. Many people were effected with unexpected charges to their accounts.