» Hot Topic’s Hot Minute: Applejack

Hot Topic has released another of their hot minute character videos featuring ponies, this time putting Applejack under the spotlight. You can discuss all the Hot Minute videos on our forums here. 

» EQLA 2013 Recorded Panels On Youtube

EQLA 2013 Banner

The recorded convention panels from last months Equestria LA fan convention in Anaheim, California have been posted up on youtube. The convention was not streamed live during the event but now the high quality recordings are available to view by all.

Equestria LA: Day 1 Playlist

Equestria LA: Day 2 Playlist

If hours and hours of video footage is too much, you can read Kefkafloyds convention writeup instead. Embedded below are the Writers and Voice Actors panels.


The Brony Chronicles premiering at EQLA

The Brony Chronicles, a new fan made documentary has announced it’s premier at this years Equestria LA convention. The film, split into three parts will cover the show, it’s fandom and the impacts both of those have on todays social fabric. You can watch an announcement video below and for more information view the projects Kickstarter page or head to their tumblr and ask any questions you may have about the project.

[Source: Press Release from The Brony Chronicles]

» Bronies: The Documentry & Extra Content Blu-ray Release

Bronies: The Documentary is now available on DVD and Blu-ray, not only is the base movie which has been on sale digitally since last month out on blu-ray but the extended interviews with Lauren Faust, Tara Strong and John DeLancie are being sold on a separate disk with three hours of content.

While the main documentary may or may not be your cup of tea, the extended interview with Lauren Faust looks like it will contain a lot of insights to the initial creation of the show and might be worth the price alone.

To see a glimpse of those interviews check out the new trailer. 

[Source: via The Daily Oat]

» Stay Pony My Friends – New Hub General Promo

The Hub have released a new promo video for the show, referencing the Dos Equis ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ advertising campaign with a possible nod towards the videos of community member Dustykat. 

[Source: HUBTVNETWORK on Youtube]

» My Little Pony Episodes Available for Purchase on YouTube

My Little Pony on Youtube? It's more likely than you think. My Little Pony on Youtube? It’s more likely than you think.

In the chaos amongst the ContentID takedowns we talked about recently, Forums user Twilight unearthed that you can, in fact, buy episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on Youtube itself. Episodes are available for purchase, at $1.99 per episode for SD or $37.99 per SD season. HD is $2.99 per episode or $49.99 per season. Other Hasbro Studios shows, like Pound Puppies are also available for purchase. The episodes also appear to be region-limited to the US, as our Canadian and other international members were unable to purchase due to the content being blocked in their countries.

The recent addition of MLP: FiM to Google Play probably has something to do with this, as Youtube is owned by Google, and the pricing is similar. What this means to you, the user, remains to be seen, but with official, purchasable options on Youtube, your days of watching HQ episodes on Youtube for free are probably over. 

» Friendship is a Registered Trademark II: My Little Takedown Notice

It’s funny how things can sometimes change over a period of several weeks. Since last month’s article on intellectual property, “Friendship is a Registered Trademark”, a flurry of cease-and-desist and takedown letters has begun to land more firmly than ever before, with a marked intensification over the past week or two. Since our last article, well-established fanworks have seen their work taken down from YouTube, including Friendship is Witchcraft, the Mentally Advanced (Abridged) Series, and even (reportedly) AwkwardMarina’s posting of her “Anthropology” fan song. Meanwhile, the lesser-known equestriagirls.com site has received a letter from Hasbro’s legal department.

Together with some of the feedback gathered from comments on our last article, I have put together a series of updates about the status of Hasbro, intellectual property and the larger Brony community.


» [UPDATE] Season 3 Spoiler Commercials

During the airing of The Crystal Kingdom Parts 1 & 2 The Hub aired a number of promo clips for various Season 3 episodes during the ad breaks. Youtuber has uploaded two such clips already. We’ll update this post as more come in.


A very short third version (with some new shots) has popped up on hubworld.com as a pre-video ad.

Because of the nature of the clips we’ll be hiding spoilers behind the cut for your safety:


» Eight Minute Preview of The Crystal Empire Released

Today various cable and satellite providers released an 8 minute preview of the season 3 opener, The Crystal Empire Part 1 on their On Demand services.¬† There are obviously spoilers, so if you’re dead set on avoiding them, steer clear.¬† Otherwise go view the video after the break.

Update 1: Replaced video with a higher quality source, see below.


» Jamming With Rhythm is Magic

There have been many pony parodies and crossovers in the past year or so that receive mixed results for their ambition and creativity; ranging from the abundance of fan art to some of the most ambitious videos produced.¬†Somewhere out there you are bound to find at least one of these crosses that will tickle your fancy. But there has been one particular trend in pony parodies for quite some time, but never has it gotten the spotlight it deserves for its genius. It’s the marriage of the candy colored equines who already share the tendency to break into song and dance with one of the most simplistic yet innovative approaches to music game design in recent history; My Little Pony and Rhythm Heaven. Hit the break for a recap at this series of parodies.