PL2E9-10: What Goes Updo/Communication Shakedown/Lolly-Pop/Little Miss Fortune

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PL2E9-10: What Goes Updo/Communication Shakedown/Lolly-Pop/Little Miss Fortune

Post by Fizzbuzz (?) » Tue Apr 13, 2021 9:41 pm

What Goes Updo
When the ponies get a mane-over at Princess Cadance's carnival, Rarity feels left out of the fun.

Communication Shakedown
A confusing group text chain at the carnival takes the ponies on a wild ride of emotions and emojis.

While at the travelling fair, Fluttershy is excited to finally live out her dream of becoming a clown, but Applejack is terrified.

Little Miss Fortune
A carnival fortune-telling machine gives Rainbow Dash some bad news.

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Re: PL2E9-10: What Goes Updo/Communication Shakedown/Lolly-Pop/Little Miss Fortune

Post by SigmasonicX (?) » Mon May 10, 2021 2:25 am

With the dimensional travel behind us (and all the orbs forgotten about I suppose), we reach a pretty fun story arc about a carnival.

The first featured the first appearance of Cadance! Similar to Big Mac, it's weird that she's the same size as everyone else. She's presented as more of a celebrity here; it's odd that the Mane Six seem starstruck by her, but she's pretty fun. I wonder if her "yass" was improvised. I have to say, Rarity vomiting gems is great.

The second story had a more overt moral than most in the show, and one that specifically couldn't be done in FiM (but could in EQG), which was interesting. It was fun seeing everyone in the different attractions, particularly Applejack getting a big apple. The moral was just kind of there, but learning that text doesn't do a great job depicting tone is certainly an important lesson.

The third story is one I'd seen screenshots of a lot, with Fluttershy as a clown. It was nice seeing her enjoy herself, and hey, Flim and Flam are doing something that isn't at all a scam! I thought the story did a good job navigating Fluttershy's clown interest and Applejack's fear of it, and there were fun visuals.

The fourth story featured the first appearance of Shining Armor! Who's apparently in charge of the traveling circus now. I suppose things are dull in the Crystal Empire now. Twilight's reaction to her fortune was great. Rainbow's motivation for joining the circus and the resolution felt quite perfunctory, but her routines were still fun. The Cutie Mark Crusaders showed up again, but they didn't appear to have the same voices and no one was credited for them; I suppose because all they did was cheer, so they had the other VAs cover them.

Cadance yassing to hairdos
(distant yass)
Rarity's screaming and gem vomiting

AJ living the dream
Fluttershy on the cup ride

Flim and Flam clowning things up
AJ scared of Fluttershy
AJ as a clown, ending with her upsetting her evil clown reflection v_v
Fluttershy fixing her clown makeup
Fluttershy reacting to AJ's fear

Twilight reacting to her fortune
Shining Armor is a ringmaster???

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