Big Bad Beetleborgs are NEW N IMPROVED power rangers

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Big Bad Beetleborgs are NEW N IMPROVED power rangers

Post by kylesimmons20482 » Fri Apr 01, 2011 8:16 pm

I dont care what any one says- America always had a way with cartoons and television shows as the mighty morphin power rangers proved before in the past. But those times are gone, my childhood weeping with it, and but yesterday like 4 days ago I was watching FOX 29 and found new hope: in BIG BAD BEETLEBORGs!!

Yeah, I know what your saying; this is season two and I liked others laugh and scoffed at season 1, but I didn't pay attention because I, like everyone else here, was an INDIOT. But then I watched the season two that just started, and it hit me, because it really hit me that this show is fricken AWESOME. Serious.

am. Ya know how power rangers used to be awesome in the past before they started cutting the cool guys and villains and gave some crappy spinoffs and installments when they couldve taken the show to new orbital highs like SPACE? Yeah, well, where power rangers just MISSED I realized BEETLEBORGs hit. Seriously, this show has it all: villians, relatable characters, comedy, it's the loving Stephen King of liveaction cartoons (bite me these ARE CARTOONS). It has the explosions and sparks when the characters go mechawesome, but in the spirit power rangers ONCE had.

I know I made some enemies here and I dont care because liveaction cartoons ARE cartoons, but you have to hear me on this guys, don't delete me again please. Just give this show a chance, its awesome even if its stupid at first like power rangers had seemed and had become.I mean sure Flabber looks like a goofy Elvis guy, but he's as rad like Jay Leno guys, and I know you like Jay Leno.

Please discuss the show here and how much it is better than what power rangers is now. Sorry if I dont post anymore, my aol trial runs out in like 30 minutes and I need to go to walmart to get more discs.



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