PL2E13-14: Magic Is Ahoof/Journey to the Centre of the 'cord/One Last Wish/Wild Heart Beats

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PL2E13-14: Magic Is Ahoof/Journey to the Centre of the 'cord/One Last Wish/Wild Heart Beats

Post by Fizzbuzz (?) » Mon Apr 19, 2021 9:55 pm

Magic Is Ahoof
When the wild magic reaches its peak in Ponyville, it’s a case for Rarity and Pinkie Pie to solve.

Journey to the Centre of the 'cord
After finding out that Discord has stolen their cosmic wishes, the ponies decide to get inside his head.

One Last Wish
The Mane 6 try to convince Discord to use his birthday wish to set Ponyville back to normal.

Wild Heart Beats
With the help of their new friends, the Mane 6 try to turn Ponyville right-side up instead of upside down.

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Re: PL2E13-14: Magic Is Ahoof/Journey to the Centre of the 'cord/One Last Wish/Wild Heart Beats

Post by SigmasonicX (?) » Thu May 27, 2021 5:43 pm

The end is finally here. While the episodes are alright in and of themselves, as a conclusion for the entire show, I found them disappointing.

There's some attempt to tie the chaotic magic to the Cotton Candy Comet, but there were problems right off the bat with how the "gacha bubbles" were handled. They disappeared after the time travel story, but no one mentioned them, so I and other viewers were left to assume they were still around. They still don't get mentioned here, but there's some visual indication in the last episode that they were gone and then reappeared as the chaos increased. I would have appreciated acknowledgment of this in the dialogue.

Tying Discord into things would have made sense to explain the dimensions falling apart, but it doesn't look like he had anything to do with that? At least no one brings it up. It's just needlessly confusing. They specifically flash back to the Cotton Candy Comet episode and show him there, so continuity was already being evoked, so it's strange.

Anyway, aside from the weird way of tying things together, the first story was a nice last look at Noir Rarity, with Pinkie joining in. Though not as much was done with it as I would have liked.

The second story was pretty fun. I liked the bits inside Discord's mind we got, and we have a final use of potions—and the first of this season.

The third story was an odd followup to the previous, though it's a fun idea on its own, with them trusting Discord to use his birthday wish to fix things. I think it would have worked a lot better if it was developed more. Anyway, we get a very unusual appearance from Cheerilee here. I'm convinced Nicole Oliver was voicing a normal background pony and just decided to use her Cheerilee voice, so they went with it. Regardless, it's a funny performance from her.

The last story was nice for bringing back all the characters that showed up this season, though I'm disappointed season one characters like Potion Nova didn't. The final song of G4 is alright; stronger than the song in the PL season one finale, but still not up to FiM's level. The goodbye at the end still gave me feelings.

With the ending stinger of Discord's vial of chaos cracking, I wonder if this was intended to be the end of the series as a whole.

Overall, this was an alright set of episodes, but as an ending for the show, it's disappointing. Pony Life season 2 in general was weaker than season 1, though I still enjoyed watching it.

I'll have a big post about Pony Life in general later this week, hopefully.

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